National Clean Beauty Day

National Clean Beauty Day

July 15 is National Clean Beauty Day, to celebrate the clean beauty movement — products that are mindfully created, produced with healthful ingredients, sustainably and ethically sourced, and made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. The day raises awareness about the use of organic plant-based ingredients, how they can have better efficacy than conventional ingredients, as well as the avoidance of harmful and unnecessary ingredients in beauty products.

The day was created by Juice Beauty, as a way to call attention to the clean beauty movement. Founded in 2005, Juice Beauty has been touted as the “OG” – original green – of clean beauty by Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Forbes. July 15th is also the date the company was founded. The Company philosophy centers around strong commitments to vegan, cruelty-free, sustainability, certified organic ingredients, wellness, and their unique Farm to Beauty approach.

Karen Behnke leads the Company with a solid commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable living to protect humans, animals, and the planet. July 15, 2020, may be the inaugural celebration of National Clean Beauty Day, but its roots go back more than 15 years when wellness expert and serial entrepreneur Karen Behnke spent years in the wellness industry building one of the first corporate wellness companies that she started in early 1980.

Clean beauty products are skin-care, makeup, and hair-care products that contain none of the questionable-for-your-health ingredients commonly found in conventional beauty products. The antioxidant-rich skincare & plant-based makeup brand has been challenging the decades-long status quo in the beauty industry by pioneering and radically transforming the chemistry of cosmetics.

In honor of National Clean Beauty Day, we are bringing you all-time beauty tips

Spruce up your water.

Hydration is the key component for maintaining a young, radiant, and youthful complexion. The key to radiant glowing skin is a healthy diet and plenty of water.

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Use and respect nature.

Use the scraps from the kitchen like orange peels or papaya seeds that no one wants to eat to make your face mask. What we need for skin treatment already exists in nature and these natural elements could be just as effective as conventional products.

Check-in on your skin — with kindness.

Check the type of skin you have some ingredients in your skincare routine can cause stress and other inflammatory response. Stop being too rough for your skin treat it mildly, ask yourself how your skin is feeling after the skincare routine.

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Care for your scalp like the rest of your skin.

Your scalp is bombarded by environmental toxins, pesticides, cigarette smoke, UV damage, and pollution, all of these stressors cause inflammation on the scalp due to free radical exposure. So you need to take care of your scalp like you take care of the rest of your skin.

Focus on longevity over quick fixes.

Facial rejuvenation, the whole idea of it is obviously to treat the outside which is quick fixers. Think about how to take care of your skin deeper and in a long run it is where the true beauty lies.

Set boundaries for yourself and your skin.

When you set boundaries, you are telling people, directly or indirectly, that they can not influence you to have an unhealthy relationship with your skin or your looks, like botox or fillers.

Stay Fit

You should keep your body active and fit and the best way to keep your body active is by doing a workout quite often. By doing exercise you will not only get a vibrant appearance but also get a toned body.

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