Lakshmi Puja, Vidhi, Mantra, Aarti

Lakshmi Puja, Vidhi, Mantra, Aarti

Diwali is the biggest Indian festival, celebrated on the darkest night (Amavasya). It is a five-day festival Dhanteras (Day 1), Naraka Chaturdasi (Day2), Lakshmi Puja (Day 3), Govardhan Puja (Day 4), Bhai Dooj (Day 5). Lakshmi Puja falls on the Third day of five day festival of Diwali in the Hindu Month of Kartik.

Lakshmi Puja Vidhi

The Lakshmi Puja for Diwali is done in the evening. After the sun sets, we should pray to Goddess Laxmi in the ”Sthir Lagan” of  “Pradosh Kaal”.

  • Clean your home – The first step is to clean and purify your home thoroughly. As it is believed Maa Lakshmi visits an only clean house. You can draw rangoli at doorsteps to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.


  • Set the platform – Place a platform and cover it with a red cloth in the north-east direction and your family members an sit facing it.


  • Create a rice bed on the platform and place a Kalash over it.


  • Pour water into the Kalash, fill it only up to 75% and put betel nut, flowers, a coin and some rice inside the Kalash and arrange mango leaves around the opening.


  • Place a thali on the Kalash where Goddess Lakshmi will sit.


  • You can decorate the thali by making a lotus flower with turmeric powder and place some coins on it.


  • Lord Ganesh usually sits on the right side of the Kalash.


  • Light the lamp, diya and incense sticks.


  • Pray to Lord Ganesh and put tilak and offer flowers, dhoop, sweets to Lord.


  • Start the Lakshmi puja by putting the tilak of roli and rice on Goddess forehead.


  • Make the offering of flowers, dhoop, sweets to the Goddess.


  • Recite mantra for invoking Goddess Lakshmi.


  • Perform the Lakshmi aarti and pray to Goddess for good health and wealth of your family and in the end, distribute the prasad among family members.


The story of Goddess Lakshmi

On this day Mother Lakshmi emerged from the ocean of milk called the Ksheer Sagar. She brought with her wealth and prosperity for mankind. On that day, Lakshmi Pooja was performed to honor Her and as such, every year on Diwali day, Hindus perform Her prayer and worship. The making and distribution of various sweets and total vegetarian foods are the order of the day. This practice is alive and well to this very day. Many people believe that Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and good fortune, visit the homes of devotees on this day. Worship of Lakshmi is performed in the evening.

The puja allegedly destroys the distressing energies in the environment as well as invokes the arrival (in addition to Lakshmi) of other gods who are said to bring happiness, opulence, prosperity, stability and wealth.

Lakshmi Mantra

ॐ श्रीं गं सौम्याय गणपतये वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानय स्वाहा॥

Om Shreem Gam Saumyaya Ganpataye Vara Varada
Sarvajanam Me Vashamanaya Svaha॥


दन्ताभये चक्रवरौ दधानं, कराग्रगं स्वर्णघटं त्रिनेत्रम्।
धृताब्जयालिङ्गितमाब्धि पुत्र्या-लक्ष्मी गणेशं कनकाभमीडे॥

Dantabhaye Chakravarau Dadhanam, Karagragam Swarnghatam Trinetram।
Dhritabjayalingitamabdhi Putrya-Lakshmi Ganesham Kanakabhamide॥


ॐ गणेश ऋणं छिन्धि वरेण्यं हुं नमः फट्॥

Om Ganesha Rinam Chhindhi Varenyam Hum Namah Phat॥

Lakshmi Aarti in Hindi

ॐ जय लक्ष्मी माता, तुमको निस दिन सेवत,
मैया जी को निस दिन सेवत
हर विष्णु विधाता || ॐ जय ||

उमा रमा ब्रम्हाणी, तुम ही जग माता
ओ मैया तुम ही जग माता
सूर्य चन्द्र माँ ध्यावत, नारद ऋषि गाता || ॐ जय ||

दुर्गा रूप निरंजनी, सुख सम्पति दाता
ओ मैया सुख सम्पति दाता
जो कोई तुम को ध्यावत, ऋद्धि सिद्धि धन पाता || ॐ जय ||

तुम पाताल निवासिनी, तुम ही शुभ दाता
ओ मैया तुम ही शुभ दाता
कर्म प्रभाव प्रकाशिनी, भव निधि की दाता || ॐ जय ||

जिस घर तुम रहती तहँ सब सदगुण आता
ओ मैया सब सदगुण आता
सब सम्ब्नव हो जाता, मन नहीं घबराता || ॐ जय ||

तुम बिन यज्ञ न होता, वस्त्र न कोई पाता
ओ मैया वस्त्र ना पाटा
खान पान का वैभव, सब तुम से आता || ॐ जय ||

शुभ गुण मंदिर सुन्दर, क्षीरोदधि जाता
ओ मैया क्षीरोदधि जाता
रत्ना चतुर्दश तुम बिन, कोई नहीं पाता || ॐ जय ||

धुप दीप फल मेवा, माँ स्वीकार करो
मैया माँ स्वीकार करो
ज्ञान प्रकाश करो माँ, मोहा अज्ञान हरो || ॐ जय ||

महा लक्ष्मीजी की आरती, जो कोई जन गाता
ओ मैया जो कोई गाता
उर आनंद समाता, पाप उतर जाता || ॐ जय ||

English Version

Om Jai Laxmi Mata, Maiya Jai Laxmi Mata,
Tumko Nis Din Sevat, Hari, Vishnu Data || Om Jai ||

Uma Rama Brahmaani, Tum Ho Jag Mata,
Maiya, Tum Ho Jag Mata,
Surya Chandrama Dhyaavat, Naarad Rishi Gaata. || Om Jai ||

Durga Roop Niranjani, Sukh Sampati Data,
Maiya Sukh Sampati Data
Jo Koyee Tumko Dhyaataa, Ridhee Sidhee Dhan Paataa || Om Jai ||

Tum Paataal Nivasini, Tum Hi Shubh Daataa
Maiya Tum Hi Shubh Daataa
Karm Prabhaav Prakaashini, Bhav Nidhi Ki Daataa || Om Jai ||

Jis Ghar Mein Tu Rehtee, Sab Sukh Guna Aataa,
Maiya Sab Sukh Guna Aataa,
Taap Paap Mit Jaataa, Man Naheen Ghabraataa || Om Jai ||

Tum Bin Yagya Na Hota, Vastra Na Koi Paata
O Maiya Vastra Na Koi Paata
Khaan Paan Ka Vaibhav, Sab Tum Se Aata || Om Jai ||

Shubh Gunn Mandir Sundar, Shirodadhi Jaata
O Maiya Shirodadhi Jaata
Ratna Chaturdash Tum Bin, Koi Nai Paata || Om Jai ||

Dhoop Deep Phal Meva, Ma Sweekaar Karo,
Maiya Ma Sweekaar Karo,
Gyaan Prakaash Karo Ma, Moha Agyaan Haro || Om Jai ||

Maha Laxmiji Ki Aarti, Jo Gaavey
Maiya Nis Din Jo Gaavey,
Uraananda Samata, Paap Uttar Jata || Om Jai ||


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