Diwali Cleaning Tips

Diwali Cleaning Tips

Diwali is a time for lights, crackers, sweets, and decorations. When we clean every corner of our house to give it a fresh and bright festive look.  All of us want to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity this Diwali, no matter how busy we are but will definitely takeout time for cleaning our house.

Here we are sharing some tips on how to clean your house easily before Di wali. The basic tip is to “clean one room at a time.”

1. Start with your wardrobe

Arrange your wardrobe

A wardrobe is the first thing you should start with. The whole year we are so busy that we hardly get time to rearrange clothes in our wardrobe and Diwali is the perfect time to do this as it will not only help you in cleaning your wardrobe but also rearranging your things well.

You will always get something in your wardrobe which you bought years ago and still feel like wearing it sometimes. A better idea will be just to donate it to someone needy.

Empty out your wardrobe and wipe off the dust, rearrange all your things in your closet and throw the ones you don’t need.

Clean stores and bed boxes are used to store unused things. Diwali is the only time when we reach for all the unused things and keep them properly and neatly.

2. Reach for the lights and fans 

Clean you ceiling fans

Diwali is a time when the weather starts getting cold and will no longer need fans, but the grime on the fans will surely be visible. Just wipe the dirt off the fans and lights and you will find a sparkling clean room. Diwali is for decorating the house with lights, so cleaning of fans and lights is a must so that lights shine to their brightest.

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3. Kitchen

Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is a place stuffed with all your food items and will definitely take more time in cleaning.  It got many parts to be cleaned which can’t be done in one day so divide the kitchen cleaning in 2 or 3 days. Start from exhaust fans, cabinets, utensils, gas stove, and fridge.

You can rearrange all the cupboards and throw away the garbage and old items lying in the pantry. You can create more space by rearranging things and putting labels in your pantry items.

4. Window and grills


The window comes after cleaning the rooms and kitchen as dust gets accumulated in windows after you cleaned the rooms. Clean the window panes and the handles properly, as it is time to close the windows until the next spring.

5. Curtains, sofa covers, and cushion covers

Sofa and curtain

The last thing for cleaning is the curtains and sofa covers. Wash all the fabrics or dry clean them as needed.

Hope by cleaning your home this Diwali you will find a well-organized and dust-free house that will bring a new life to your home. Now it’s time to decorate your house to welcome Goddess Laxmi to your home.
Happy Diwali

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