Kanjak Pujan On Durga Ashtami and Navami

Kanjak Pujan On Durga Ashtami and Navami
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In Navratri festival  eighth and ninth day is considered very auspicious. It is a rule of inviting girls in the form of nine Goddess, in the last Navaratri on the day of Durgashtami or Navami. The devotee’s Navratri fast is completed only after worshipping the nine girls and giving them dakshina.

It is believed that mother Durga is pleased by worshipping nine girls and blesses the devotee with happiness and prosperity. Some people keep Kanya Pujan on Navami day and some people on Ashtami day.

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Procedure of doing Kanya Puja

1. You can invite the girls day before you plan to do Kanya pujan.

2. The age of girls should be between two to ten years.

3. It is rule of inviting 9 girls and one boy, but if more girls are present than also it is ok.

4. In the morning take bath and clean the area where you wish to do puja.

5. Make  Navratri prasad for puja which include halwa, kale chane, puri, kheer.

 Recipe for Navratri prasad

6. After preparing the Navratri prasad, give bhog to Maa Durga.

7. Wash feet of the girls and boy and make them sit in a clean and comfortable place.

8. Put tika and tie mauli on there wrist. What is Mauli

9. Serve them prasad and give them some gifts.

10. Before sending them back from your house touch there feet and seek blessing.

Inviting girls in your house and giving them prasad and gifts is considered as auspicious and blissful. May this Navratri  Maa Durga fulfill all your Wishes & Bring Happiness and Prosperity in your Life. “Jai Mata Di”

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