Items needed for Lohri Festival Celebration

Items needed for Lohri Festival Celebration

Lohri marks the start of the sun’s ascendency into the northern hemisphere, which gladdened the heart of the merry-maker. It is a time to enjoy the foods of the cold weather and look forward to a bountiful harvest in the coming season. The farmers and people in general thank God for his countless blessings and pray for a prosperous future.

Punjabis celebrated the day with traditional food of saag (mustard greens), Makki ki roti (corn), lassi (Buttermilk), followed by a vibrant cultural evening of Gidda, Bhangra, Jago, Punjabi Folk songs, culminating in a lively night of blazing bonfire. There are various traditions and rituals of celebrating the festival but the basic things remain the same. Here we are sharing things you need for the Lohri celebration.

Rewari and Gajak

Rewari and Gajak

Rewari and Gajak are made of Til or Seasame seeds which when offered to fire make a crackling sound so it is a way of making an offering to God for the great harvest. It is believed that these offerings are thrown in the sparkling flames to effectively impress the gods and thus seek blessings for yourself and your family.

Popcorn and Peanuts


Along with other things, there is a custom of tossing popcorn and peanuts in the bonfire to thank the almighty for a good harvest. These offerings are fed to the fire to appease the gods and to ask them to bless everybody with abundance and prosperity.



Sugarcane is harvest during January and then offered to Fire on Lohri. People also make ‘Kheer’ for Lohri using fresh sugarcane juice. People also throw Sugarcane into the fire and the aroma of burning sugar spreads in the atmosphere.



The main celebration of Lohri is the bonfire and people arrange individual bonfires in their front yard. People start collecting wood and dry twigs and branches in advance to make a huge bonfire during Lohri. Wood is an important item needed for Lohri as without a bonfire the celebration of Lohri is incomplete.

Goitha or Dried Cow Dung

Dried Cow dung

Goitha or Dried Cow Dung is a popular thing in villages where they use it daily in kitchen Chulla fire. Goitha is used as a fuel to burn Lohri fire and is counted as a holy thing needed for Lohri celebration, not only in villages in cities too people arrange Goitha for Lohri celebration.

Black Till or Sesame Seeds

Black Til

The ritual of Lohri cannot be completed without using black til or black sesame seeds as it is believed that black til comes from the religious body of Rishi Kashyap when he was meditating. These Black Till are believed to soak all the negativities and bring best for the family. So people toss Black Till in the fire during Lohri celebrations.

Gehu Ki Bali & Bajre Ki Phulliyan


Traditionally people offer Gehu Ki Bali & Bajre Ki Phulliyan on Lohri to fire, which are first roasted and then offered to fire. It is a way of thanking God for plenty of harvests.

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During the celebration, people dance around the bonfire singing songs, doing the bhangra, and offering gajak, popcorn, puffed rice into the fire. The revelry goes on for hours as people chat, have dinner, and make merry. They sing ‘Adar Aaye Dilather Jaye’ which translates into ‘May prosperity arrives and poverty depart from our house’. After the puja, jaggery, gajak, til, peanuts, popcorn are distributed as prasad.

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