How to remove Holi colors from skin and hair

How to remove Holi colors from skin and hair

Holi is a festival of colors, fun, and harmony. It is also popularly known as the festival of spring and DolJatra or Basantotsav in West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam. This festival is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month of Phalguna which falls in February or March. It is also a way of welcoming the spring season after winter ends.

Holi is here, and very soon we will be stepping out in pure white attires only to come back home completely colored. It is one of the most joyful celebrations in the country when we spend time outside and have absolute fun when we let ourselves loose, become children again and have an amazing colorful time with friends and family, we have a huge task of cleaning up after we come back.

Colors sold in the market nowadays are not safe they contain harmful chemicals. Colors made in ancient times used to be safe as they were made from natural sources like flowers, fruits, neem leaves, and turmeric. The natural colors extracted from keshu, palash or tesu (the flame of the forest), marigold, Indian coral tree (parijat), henna (mehndi), turmeric (haldi), and beetroot have been used for playing Holi.

But in modern times synthetic colors and dyes came into the market, and slowly the practice of making natural colors died down. The dry Gulal we get from the market is not derived from natural sources but contains chemicals, mica, and lead, which will result in rashes, breakouts, and other skin and hair-related problems. It might also cause skin lesions, burning, and eye irritation among other health problems. Some people are also allergic to colors and need special care while stepping out, or they avoid going out altogether.

It is no doubt that the colors cause a substantial amount of damage to the skin and hairs, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. For all those who are afraid the colors might ruin their skin and hairs this Holi, here are a few precautionary easy tips for you that will ease the task of washing away the colors and keep your skin and hairs safe and healthy.

  • The first tip is before stepping out apply castor, olive, or coconut oil on the face and hairs. The oil forms as a protective covering for skin and hairs and will protect your skin and hairs from the harmful effects of colors. This covering will also prevent the color from sticking too much.

Now that you have applied a lot of colors all over and it’s time to take bath and remove it off. These tips will help you in removing the color easily and nourish your skin too. But before using any type of face or body scrub use water first to wash off the color, first layer of the color will get removed easily just the stubborn colors will remain. But take care never to use hot water to clean off the colors as it can make the color sink in more, so always use cold water. Use the homemade pack described below to remove these stubborn colors from your skin.

  • Make a paste by adding lemon juice and cream to the gram flour and massage it like a scrub on the skin. Then wash with lukewarm water. This will also remove the color and will also improve the skin.

  • After filtering the flour, which comes out of bran or mixed with barley flour, rub it on the skin. This will remove the color easily.

  • Mash the banana and add lemon juice to it. Leave it on the skin and after drying, scrub it with a splash of light water. This will also remove the color and the skin will not lose moisture.

  • Soak the lentil’s pulse overnight and grind it and add milk to it. Leave this pack on the skin and then scrub with lukewarm water.

Don’t steam or sauna for the next three days as steam will open your skin pores and the skin can absorb the leftover color. You can go for skin facial post-Holi but always opt for Medi-facial which is steam and bleach-free and also avoid any type of chemicals on the skin after playing Holi.

For hairs just mix yogurt and egg yolk in a bowl and apply it on your hairs 10 or 20 minutes before taking a head bath. If you don’t like using egg yolk you can opt for fenugreek seeds paste with curd with a pinch of lemon for removing color from the hairs. Mustard oil is also an effective hair care color remover.

Tips to remember

  • Never use Hot water to wash your colors and they will make colors stick more hard and difficult to remove.

  • Dont wash your face again and again as it will leave your skin dry.

  • Apply sunscreen at least half an hour before heading out in sun to play Holi.

  • Apply nail paint on your nails this will prevent your nails from getting stained.

  • Apply lip balm or vaseline on your lips before heading out, this will provide protection and keep your lips moist and prevent them from cracks later.

  • Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes.

Holi is about getting fun and colors, you just need to follow these simple steps to ensure you dont cause any harm to your skin and hair while having fun with colors. So step out this holi and get colored and have fun but dont forget our simple tips. HAPPY HOLI!

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