Women’s History Month – March

Women’s History Month – March

March is Women’s History Month by presidential proclamation to honor women’s contribution to American history. It is a national observance that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of women throughout history. The theme for Women’s History Month 2024 is “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion”. The theme recognizes women throughout the country who understand the importance of these principles in our lives and institutions.

On the world stage, International Women’s Day on March 8 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, while also marking a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. Women’s History Month is the designated month worldwide that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. The month features a variety of panels, lectures, socials, women’s sports, and community activities and events.


The recognition of women’s achievements started with International Women’s Day, observed for the first time on March 8, 1911. Women’s History Month began as a local celebration in Santa Rosa, California. The Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission on the Status of Women planned and executed a “Women’s History Week” celebration in 1978.

The organizers selected the week of March 8 to correspond with International Women’s Day. Women’s History Week was celebrated in Santa Rosa through presentations at local schools where students had the opportunity to participate in an essay contest on “Real Women” followed by a parade in downtown Santa Rosa to celebrate.

The movement ultimately spread across the country as other communities initiated their own Women’s History Week celebrations the following year. President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8, 1980, as National Women’s History Week, stating that the achievements, leadership, courage, strength, and love of the women who helped build America were just as vital as those of the well-known men. Since then, every U.S. president has continued the honor, and in March 1987, Congress declared the entire month as “Women’s History Month.”

While countless notable women in history have accomplished great things, some examples of women who are often celebrated during Women’s History Month include Rosa Parks who helped to start the Civil Rights Movement by refusing to give up her seat to a white man.

Hillary Clinton who was the first woman to be nominated for President by a major political party, Kamala Harris who is the first black woman to be elected and serve as the Vice-President of the United States, Sandra Day O’Connor who was the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, Barbara Jordan who was the first Black Woman to be elected into Congress from a southern state (Texas), and Mae C. Jemison who was the first Black Woman in Space, just to name a few.

National recognition

Throughout the month, students at various universities will find opportunities to engage, learn, and reflect on the impact of women in society through film screenings, lectures, interactive workshops, and panel discussions.

Starting in 2022 and continuing through 2025, the U.S. Mint is releasing new quarters featuring American women who changed the nation and the world as part of the American Women Quarters™ Program. In addition, you can explore hundreds of sources that tell the stories of women through a wide variety of perspectives and media in the Library of Congress collections. The guide’s comprehensive coverage includes historic and contemporary audio and video files, posters, photographs, magazines, sheet music, maps, manuscripts, and rare books, as well as government documents and legislation.

Most importantly, consider the women in your own life and how they enrich the lives of those around them. Appreciate them, thank them, and share their history with your own families.

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