Christmas Eve around the World

Christmas Eve around the World

Christmas Eve is, of course, the day before Christmas Day. It’s quite a busy day for most people who celebrate Christmas. You need to wrap all of your presents and put them under the Christmas tree in the living room. It’s such a lovely sightseeing a decorated tree with lots of wrapped boxes and parcels under it.  It’s time for people to buy presents and visit friends or relatives.

Christmas Eve is not the same in all countries.

  • In Denmark, for example, Christmas Eve is when people have Christmas dinner and open their presents.

  • In many European countries including Germany, Serbia, and Slovakia, Christmas Eve is the day when the Christmas Tree is brought into the house and decorated.

  • Roman Catholics and high church Anglicans traditionally celebrate Midnight Mass, which begins either at or sometime before midnight on Christmas Eve.

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  • In Spanish-speaking areas, the Midnight Mass is sometimes referred to as Misa de Gallo, or Missa does Galo in Portuguese.

  • In the Philippines, the custom has expanded into the nine-day Simbang Gabi, when Filipinos attend dawn Masses from 16 December, continuing daily until Christmas Eve.

  • The Church of Scotland has a service beginning just before midnight, in which carols are sung.

Christmas Eve is celebrated in different ways around the world, varying by country and region. Elements common to many areas of the world include the attendance of special religious observances such as a midnight Mass or Vespers and the giving and receiving of presents. and of course, Christmas Eve is the busiest night of the year for Santa Claus when he has to travel over 220 million miles to every house on this earth.

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Merry Christmas Card


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