Benefits Of Fasting

Benefits Of Fasting

Keeping Fast is a question of faith, people of different religions observe fast according to their religious beliefs and worship God. But if you look at it from a scientific perspective, then doing so will also benefit their health. Talking about the benefits of fasting, it helps our mind and brain to concentrate, but do you know that by keeping fast, we can also protect our body from serious diseases like cancer. Here we are bringing some benefits of fasting.

Lose Weight

You must have often seen people fasting and dieting to reduce their increasing weight. But it has been proved scientifically that keeping one fast in a week helps in reducing weight. However, due to fasting, eating habits also improve with time and then the person does not do the oversight. In this way, you can lose weight easily with the habit of fasting.


Keeping fast increases age. Fasting in the scriptures is considered the most appropriate means for increasing age. With ageing, the functioning of the body begins to weaken. In such a fast, the metabolism of the body gets strengthened and it is able to function smoothly. Kyoto and Kyushu University researches have also found the right to increase the age by fasting.


Keeping a fast or fasting in a week helps in removing the toxic elements of the body. During the fast, the brain starts searching for other sources of energy to give energy to the body. In which the brain starts converting the fat in the liver i.e. glycogen into energy. But glycogen can only generate energy for 12 hours. In this case, the fat present in other parts of the body is used. Due to which toxic elements are removed from the organs like liver, kidneys, etc.

Strong Metabolism

Fasting is believed to be the easiest way to strengthen the body’s metabolism. Because by keeping fast, the digestive system of the body gets relief. With which he is able to improve his speed and work smoothly.

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Boost Brain Power

Keeping fast is not only beneficial physically but mentally also helps in increasing your efficiency. Fasting increases the production of brain hormone Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BNDF). Which activates the stem cells present in the brain and works to convert them into neurons. This reduces the risk of depression, brain stroke, and other mental illnesses.

Improve Immune System

Keeping fast and fasting strengthens the immune system. Because on fasting the body, different cells of the body are born again, i.e. they are able to repair themselves. Along with this, the production of white blood cells increases. Consuming fruits during fasting provides vitamin and vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidant elements, which increase the body’s ability to fight against diseases.


Fasting is very beneficial in cancer. Fasting reduces the formation of new cancer cells in the body. Because cancer is a disease with uncontrolled cellular growth. Along with this, fasting helps the body to eliminate some toxins from the cells and also helps to eliminate inflammation in the organs. The fast helps in reducing the number of free radicals that damage DNA and proteins present in the body. According to the University of Southern California, fasting has twice the effect of therapy on patients taking chemotherapy.

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Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Having a diet helps in reducing the level of insulin present in the body. According to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, fasting reduces insulin levels in the body by 20–31%, while blood sugar levels decrease by 3–6%. Because by fasting, the accumulated cholesterol in the body reduces rapidly.

Prevent Skin And Acne

Fasting brings newness to the skin. Because consuming too much water during the fast removes the toxic elements of the body. Apart from this, nutritious elements are available from the consumption of fruits, which helps in the formation of new skin cells. In this case, the skin spots are reduced and the skin becomes spotless.

Heart Disease

Fasting is also very beneficial for heart diseases. Because during fasting, it burns off the bad cholesterol present in the body. Which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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