5 Secrets Of Good Oral Health and Healthy Smile

5  Secrets Of Good Oral Health and Healthy Smile

Maintaining oral health is very crucial, but it is not wrong to say that oral health is something you pay the least attention to unless it screams in pain. When you have good oral health, you can flaunt a healthy smile to the world. Oral health is an integral part of human wellbeing as through the mouth you intake important nutrients and it is important to keep the passage clean and free of infections.

Pay more attention to teeth and gums:

Teeth and gums form the most important part of maintaining good oral health. Many times you will notice bleeding gum while brushing the teeth, it should not be taken casually instead an appointment should be fixed with the dentist. With proper and regular check-ups you can enjoy good oral health throughout your life. Teeth and tongue need proper cleaning while gums should be seen that they are not swollen and bleeding.

Here are the 5 secrets of good oral health and a healthy smile:

Brush the dirt away

You should brush your teeth after every meal. But somehow that doesn’t seem possible, in that case, you must brush your teeth twice a day. Do not brush instantly after your meals wait for approximately 25 to 30 minutes before you brush your teeth. Brushing removes away plaque- a yellow layer, that is dangerous for the teeth. If you do not clean the layer of plaque the bacteria present in it comes in contact with food and produces acid, which leads to cavities.

  • Place the brush at an appropriate level against the gums.
  • Move it gently back and forth.
  • The outer, inner, and chewing areas should be brushed carefully.
  • Use a tongue cleaner to wipe out the dirt and freshen up your breath.

Floss out the hidden food

Floss, before you go to bed to clean away the whole day’s mess. It removes food and plaque from in between areas of teeth where your brush cannot reach. Floss should be done regularly before the plaque hardens into tartar.

  • Cut an 18-inch strip of floss. Hold it firmly between your thumbs and forefingers.
  • Glide it between your teeth with a little rubbing motion.
  • Move the floss up and down, making a C shape as it deeply cleans the area.
  • Move to each gap gently cleaning the area.
  • Take a new strand of floss if required.

Rinse off the extra residue

Mouthwash is an important part of cleaning teeth. Initially, water was the only way to rinse off the extra remaining bits of food from the mouth. But, today markets are flooded with a huge variety of mouthwash. While buying make sure to pick mouthwash with antiseptic properties as it kills plaque-creating bacteria and helps in maintaining good and healthy oral health. Let mouthwash stay for at least 30 to 60 seconds, then spit it out.

Good food for healthy oral health

 Teeth are generally spoiled with a huge intake of sweets and candies.  Eat healthy and nutritious food. Eat fruits, vegetables and drink milk. Strictly avoid-

  • Chocolates
  • Cookies, Cake
  • Chips and cookies
  • Candies play the role of villain in oral health by producing harmful bacteria.

Green vegetables and fruits should be chewed(the process of mastication) properly so that important nutrients are released. Mastication is the process of breaking food into smaller pieces. It is a technical term for the word chew so that it passes easily through the food pipe and reaches the stomach. It stimulates a special kind of T helper cells associated with barrier membranes. It is an important process in maintaining good oral health.

A regular visit to the dentist

Make a note of the visit to the dentist in your journal. After, every 6 months get a check-up done in order to maintain good oral health. Visit your dentist if you feel some pain in your gums, teeth, or in case of bleeding. io training is new life-saving equipment your dentist posses, it directly delivers medicine into the bone to get an immediate result. Medical science has made treatment quick and pain-free. Sometimes a minute infection can lead to the cause of greater misery, it is better to get treatment at an earlier stage. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than Cure.”

Dental Infections need attention:

The cause of infection is not just the bacteria’s presence in the mouth. But, many components like people, instruments, and computers can cause cross-contamination and spread disease. The Department of dental science has assigned the month of September as the month of awareness. The department follows a strict infection control program to lessen the spread of germs and safeguard the patients.

Infection control program includes various steps have a look-

  • Keep hands clean. Use sanitizer for that purpose.
  • Have your personal protective pieces of equipment like a mask, gloves, and eyewear.
  • Use only sterilized instruments.
  • Maintain a neat and clean environment for Dental clinics.
  • No food and drinks inside the premises.

Secret revealed for a healthy smile:

If you wait until it pains you, let me tell you something very clearly, you are making a huge mistake. Most of the serious problems are initially painless like cavities and gum disease but as time passes the problem becomes more serious and threatening. Don’t wait, fix an appointment and get the suitable treatment. New research work is being done on whether gum disease might be a sign of heart disease. It’s all about inflammation and it is better to visit a dentist on time for overall health.

Good oral health is not a one-way procedure but a two-way dedicated program that needs to be carried out by a dedicated team of doctors and patients. Make it a ritual to pay a regular visit to the dentist before any minor problem arises into major problem. The reason for a healthy and bright smile is good oral health.

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