5 Places in India for Hikers to Visit

5 Places in India for Hikers to Visit

Hiking can be a self-gratifying activity. It challenges you and lets you explore places you have been and have never been before. Plus, with every different location, various challenges and obstacles are unique to each destination. This is why you can anticipate new hiking spots you can try every time you travel.

On top of the many good things in India, such as the food, culture, and beautiful historic sites, India also has excellent hiking spots. If you have a plan to visit India, read on our list and visit one of these hiking spots below.

1.      Avahalli Forest Loop

Starting with easy routes, the Avahalli Forest Loop in India is one of locals’ and tourists’ most chosen hiking spots. This trail loops for 6.4 km and is available for hikers, those with bikes, and even walkers. This spot also has an elevation count of 199m, suitable for beginners and expert hikers.

The Avahalli Forest also has many trails, offering you a variety of experiences per trail. Some courses are rocky, allowing hikers and bikers to test their abilities. However, most tracks are paved with dirt, ensuring it is not too difficult.

When you visit this place, you will be surrounded by luscious greenery and beautiful views. Make sure to fully charge your camera because this place is undoubtedly one you will not want to forget. As a bonus, there is a butterfly garden you can visit before or after your hike through Avahalli.

2.      Chembra Peak, Kerala

The Chembra Peak, another excellent option for hiking, is located 90km northeast of Kozhikode. It is also the highest summit in Kerala, standing at 2100m- despite an easy day hike to reach the peak. Chembra Peak also features impressive biodiversity, preserving more than 300 species of flora and fauna. Nature enthusiasts can look out for beautiful greenery and endemic wildflowers. You might also see wild Asian elephants, hornbills, lion-tailed macaques, and Nilgiri tahr.

This hiking spot will also help you enjoy nature to the fullest. The pleasant trails will lead you to tea gardens and fragrant coffee plantations. There are also spice estates wealthy with delicious bouquets of pepper and cardamom as you stroll through the lush green forest.

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3.      Sunset Point (Narhe) Loop

Another great beginner-friendly hiking spot is the Sunset Point Loop or Narhe Loop. Located near Pune, Maharashtra, this 4km loop takes around an hour to complete. It has an elevation gain of 127m and is kid-friendly, if you plan on bringing your family for a little hiking trip.

The Narhe Loop is partially paved and famous for being a great spot to birdwatch. This place also overlooks Ambegaon Lake and offers excellent sunsets or sunrise views. So, make sure to bring your Android phone to capture the stunning views while you are on your little hiking trip.

Additionally, other than the birds, you may spot other animals even though the place not being as green as the other places on the list. Despite this, you can still relish in the beautiful wildflowers and rocky trails as you go through Narhe.

4.      Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand

Although this trail is accessible all year round, it is best to visit during winter as it offers spectacular scenery. The courses are as long as 18 to 20km and are easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. You can either make a round trip or plan a two-day stay if you would like it.

Deoria Tal is a picturesque lake located in the foothills of Uttarakhand, and the name translates to “the bathing place of Gods”. The trail starts from a pretty village called Sari and you can even navigate through the courses without a guide. However, the climb is steep but manageable, making this trek unsuitable for beginners.

The path towards the lake is well maintained and has beautiful rhododendron trees surrounding it. If you visit this place in the spring, you may see the trees bloom with bright pink flowers that can be an excellent background for pictures. In addition, along the trail, you may find locals selling small stalls with Indian food and chai, among other delicacies.

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5.      Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

This trek is for those hiking experts looking for challenging routes. The Goecha La Trek in Sikkim is a challenging route and stretches out 91km long. This hiking spot can last up to 10 days, requiring you to book a hiking trip with a trekking agency to visit.

Although it is challenging, the effort is proven worth it with the breathtaking panoramic views of the Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world. The trail starts tame, beginning from the Yuksom village, then the path gradually becomes strenuous as you gain altitude.

It is important to note that since you are gaining altitude, you might be affected by acute mountain sickness or high-altitude illness. Therefore, remember to pack medication or take time to acclimatise. While doing so, you may want to look around and appreciate the nature surrounding the area, such as mountain ferns and hot springs.

There are many hiking places in India, and this list is only a few great examples. Make sure to do your research and make the necessary preparations needed before you hike. It is also important not to overexert yourself to ensure that you do not attempt trails above your capabilities. Good luck!

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