20 Birthday party Do’s & Don’ts

20 Birthday party Do’s & Don’ts

Another year has passed and you’re getting older. Ugh… It’s time to celebrate that! Do you like for everything to be very well organized or are you less excited about your new age? It doesn’t matter! A birthday is a time to celebrate birth itself, the joy of life. On your birthday you gather with family and friends and study something meaningful together. Everybody wants the birthday party to be a success and by properly planning you can make the party more manageable and the party more enjoyable not only for the guest, and the birthday child but also for the parents of the child.

Here are 20 of the biggest dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind to help make the centerpiece of your Birthday Party a success.

DO keep everything simple

Try to keep everything simple, so that you are more focused and enjoy the celebration. Try to make a budget for the party. Though it might seem a bit difficult at first because you want to do everything best for your baby. But, having a budget at hand would help you in splitting up the segments. Keep it simple and all about fun.

DO plan the date and timing of the party

It is best to plan a weekend party, this would be great for both you and your guests’ comfort. Maybe shifting the party to some later date would be better if that gets to be a holiday.

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DO send invitations early

Most people recommend 2-4 weeks out. Any longer than 4 weeks out, they are almost guaranteed to get lost and you don’t want to add more follow-up work for yourself. Always send a reminder a day before the party.


Some people plan arrangements by the numbers or pay for each child’s admission, so make sure you RSVP by the date mentioned on the invitation. It’s a common courtesy, yet one many people forget. Whether or not your child will attend, take the time to RSVP so the host can get an accurate headcount.

DO pick a theme

A party theme can be your guide for decorations and music. Choosing the theme will only take the fun factor a notch higher but also give a specific direction to your planning process. Once you have chosen a particular theme, you can then buy decorations and other party-specific items accordingly.

DO Decoration

Birthday decorations are not just for little kids. There are tons of ways to make the atmosphere even better by setting up something more mature than Mickey Mouse balloons. You can go for some classic choices like floral, black & white, string lights, or glitter, or you can decorate according to the party theme, but more on that later.

DO get creative

Try to incorporate your creativity into the party. There are no rules for birthdays, so simply lean into your child’s favorite things and have fun with them! You’ll be teaching your child that the key to the celebration is good friends and family.

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DO set kids’ playtime

When kids get a group they want to play, so keep some time just for their play so that they can enjoy camaraderie with friends.

DO keep a Photographic Moment

Hire a birthday photographer or settle your camera and start clicking pictures. You would not want to miss out on all the special moments of the party after all. In the end, it would be a nice collection to be cherished for a lifetime.

DO ask the guest about food allergies

Be sure to ask parents about their food allergies before choosing your menu. If your child has an allergy and will be a guest then let the parents who are hosting know right away so they can make arrangements, and just in case be prepared yourself with something in your purse in case they forget. Don’t wait until the day of to mention your child can’t eat whatever is being provided.

DO plan for unexpected guest

Everything does not go as per plan sometime guest fails to make an appearance while others arrive with additional kids in tow. So always be ready to accommodate additional guests whilst the party is in full swing.

DO send thankyou notes

Get your kids in the habit of thanking their family and friends for their kindness and generosity. It’s a skill that will stay with them long after the party is over.

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DO say yes to help

If anyone offers a helping hand, accept. Whether it’s to take some pictures or videos or to help prepare food or hang decorations an extra hand will always be great.

DO say goodbye to every guest as they leave

As the host, you should be standing by the door as people leave so that you can thank each person. Guests will feel appreciated that you consider them important. Let the guests know that your child values their friendship.

Don’t expect everything to go perfectly

Don’t expect a perfect party. It’s OK! Remember that it’s a party, and it’s supposed to be fun, for you and your child. The best birthday parties are when the parents go with the flow.

Don’t use flammable things

Never keep any flammable stuff at your party. All children are playful and naughty so anything can happen. So be sure to be careful enough, so that it could not lead to an accident.

Don’t use any expensive cutlery

The house or your venue is going to be chaos. So try to lessen your worry by using recyclable paper or plastic plates and you need not worry about broken dishes. Use plates, and napkins that are easy enough to be handled at your party

Don’t plan too many activities

Kids don’t need a string of entertainers to have fun, there should be a structure to the party with kids doing just one activity at a time. Having a set schedule of events and activities will keep things moving nicely and will keep everyone engaged, which can keep things from getting too wild — or boring. Even if it’s just an approximation of timing, if you have a general idea of activities and the order in which they’ll be carried out, it will keep things flowing smoothly — which is always a party win!

Don’t become a chef, waiter, and entertainer

If you have to juggle serving food, playing music, and spending time with your friends, the party will turn out to be a disaster. As a host, you have one duty, and one duty alone, and that is to spend valuable time with your friends.

Don’t open Gifts at the party

While it may be delightful to see child expression when opening a gift, it is however hard for the attending little guests to see all the awesome gifts that they will never play with. It’s also hard for the birthday girl or boy to walk away from all the lovely gifts that they cannot play with right then.

Don’t give a crap as return gifts

When giving out goodie bags make sure u don’t stuff up them with cheap gifts. Instead of spending money on a bunch of garbage, hand out one item that represents the party’s theme. You’ll spend roughly the same amount and the kids might use it. It is not compulsory to give return gifts, it’s really fun to give away some great items to children as a thank you for coming to a party.

Don’t make the Party too Long

The length of time you set aside for a kids’ birthday party should depend largely on their age. Keep in mind these are small children who will tire easily. You don’t need more than a few hours to get in some fun, eat some cake, and hand out the loot bags.

Whether you’re a family member, friend, or parent of a child attending the birthday party, every guest at the party can have an impact on the success of the party. Taking a little time to review these birthday party dos and don’ts can help ensure everyone has an enjoyable time at the party.

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