Milestone Birthdays

Milestone Birthdays

A birthday is an important day in one’s life, but milestone birthdays often take the cake. Milestone birthdays are extra exciting, it is a great opportunity to remind them how important they are and how proud you are of them for coming this far.

What are the Milestone Birthdays?

A milestone is an important event in history and a birthday is the anniversary of the date on which you were born. Milestone Birthdays are those that mark the important birthday in one’s life from childhood into adulthood. When a person turns 1, 5, 13, 16, 18, 21, 30 and so on recurring every decade are marked as Milestone Birthdays. All birthdays should be celebrated but as we get older, we stop having birthday parties to commemorate each year older, milestone birthdays often turn into big, elaborate parties. From a practical standpoint though, milestone birthdays, from the ages of 30 upwards, only come along once every 10 years. Perhaps that’s why we refer to these as “big” birthdays, as in, “Sooooo, when do you hit the big 3-0?”

That’s why milestone birthday parties are so important. They’re an opportunity not only to honor the life you have lived so far and all the people you’ve loved and experiences you’ve had along the way but also often to mark the beginning of a new phase of life. They might be turning points or wake-up calls, they may bring excitement or fear, but they all have a certain magic.

Milestone Birthdays

1st Birthday

First Birthday

The first birthday of a baby is an exciting time of growth, development, and hope for the whole family. Not only the parents but all the near and dear ones are excited about the first birthday. It’s been a whole year since you brought your bundle of joy home, and they’re thriving. In some ways, the 1st birthday party is as much important for the parents as it is for the baby.

A child’s first birthday party is an enormous milestone — and not just for the baby. It’s a chance for parents to celebrate with the whole community who helped get the baby to this special day. Mark the milestone of your favorite almost one-year-old with a beautiful personalized first birthday party! All your near and dear ones will be there to wish your little one the best future and bless him/ her with an abundance of blessings too.

5th Birthday

Fifth Birthday

Five is a special age and an important milestone for kiddos. It is almost as though they are entering the great big world of not being classified as a baby anymore. The children reaching the age of five means starting school and increase of their independence. This is why the 5th birthday is often considered a milestone. They will start a new phase of their school life and will be having school friends to celebrate your child’s 5th birthday and help them prepare for school.

If your five-year-old has started their kindergarten career, planning a party will become much easier. The past few parties have centered around family, but now it’s time to invite classmates!

16th Birthday

Sweet Sixteen

16th Birthday is also known as “Sweet sixteen”. It marks a teenager’s coming-of-age, with one key element—their driver’s license. At this age, males and females both go through the best phase of a teenager and experience the changes which they have not expected at all.

18th Birthday

Time to say, “Welcome to adulthood!” This is the birthday star’s last milestone birthday in their teens and their first milestone birthday as an adult, so it’s a great opportunity to balance youth and sophistication. No doubt, when adulthood hits you, it comes with many adult perks, like being able to vote or purchase a car. You can now party your way, organize a party having all the foods and drinks of your choice.

21st Birthday

Twenty First birthday

21 is perhaps the most exciting birthday to celebrate! Not only is the birthday star of the legal drinking age, but they can get into many establishments they couldn’t set foot in before (at least after 9 PM). Some experience the feeling of getting a new job and some encounters with the love of their life too. Overall, these mixed feelings make this year more enthralling.

30th Birthday

Thirty Birthday

Turning 30 can bring on a spectrum of emotions. But whether the birthday star is grieving their youth or hitting their confidence stride, their 30th birthday deserves celebration. 30th year lets a person think about things more, some are getting married, and some are planning to launch their startup.

40th Birthday

Forty Birthday

Age 40 is a great time for the birthday star to appreciate their blessings and accomplishments. They might enjoy reflecting on where they are in life, how they got there, and what they see for their future. It’s a good time to break from routine and have a mindful celebration of life. When you get married in their late twenties they are now enjoying themselves with their spouses and if got married in their late thirties are still on the verge of knowing their partners. Maturity hits to the extent that sometimes even in a funny situation, the reply comes out to be serious, just be aware of it too.

50th Birthday

Fifty Birthday

Celebrate half a century with a whole heart! Turning 50 might be the most pivotal of all the milestone birthdays, and it deserves a big celebration. By this time your son or daughter is your friend, and staying late outside is no more an issue with your wife or husband. This is the age when a person is all set to stop working. This is the age where the friend circle is so small that you will only see the real ones around.

60th Birthday

Sixty Birthday

If your loved one is lucky, retirement may be just around the corner when they turn 60. The next several years will be a good time for them to revisit old hobbies and find new ways to pass the time once they no longer have to punch the clock. Retirement is near and life, as you know it, will begin to mellow out and make room for things that you enjoy.

70th Birthday

By the time the birthday star reaches 70, they are officially within their golden years. They may have retired and found themselves seeking some of the social connections they used to get from work. Not to forget, as your diet will be limited, but the limited one is worth having. You never know when God will send you the letter to reach them, so cherish every moment you have.

80th Birthday

Say cheers to 80 years and celebrate a lifetime of love and accomplishment with your special birthday star. This is among the milestone birthdays that call for the most quality time and attention.

90th Birthday

Ninety Birthday

Some people argue that the 90s were the greatest decade, so why not make 90 the greatest birthday extravaganza? Imagine having special friends and loved ones accumulated over 90 years on earth all come together to celebrate one birthday star. Imagine what you’ve experienced in 90 years of life? Changes to the world, technology, and science.

100th Birthday

If someone you know has been alive for a literal century, first pause for a moment to appreciate how incredible that is. Then, make sure you tell them! After 100 birthdays, there’s less value in material gifts, and the gift of time and love from family and friends can be more valuable.

Each year, no matter how you choose to celebrate, remember the joy and memories that past years have brought and all you have left to experience. So, embrace every moment! Whether you are celebrating your 30th birthday or 90th birthday, the old saying is most definitely true: aging is MUCH better than the alternative!

Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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