Your go-to Handbook: Do’s Before and After Laser Hair Removal

Your go-to Handbook: Do’s Before and After Laser Hair Removal
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Started from the bottom (waxing), and now we’re here!

We’ve shifted from the traditional cloth strips and hot wax to an almost painless full body hair removal treatment.

Yes, we are talking about laser hair removal, a cosmetic procedure that became the talk of the town some years ago. This process targets the roots of the hair and burns it precisely, which in return doesn’t grow back after the treatment. 

There are certain parts where most people get laser treatments done – 

  • Armpits 
  • Bikini area 
  • Facial hair 
  • Arms/legs 

Basically, you can get it done anywhere on your body! And it is completely safe.

Pro Tip – You can save on the full body laser hair removal cost if you get it done at once instead of getting the procedure done separately for different body parts.

To add a cherry on top, laser hair removal isn’t limited to a specific gender/sex. If you wish to get a full-body laser hair removal treatment, you are good to go; no more judgy eyes whenever you go to the salon! 

However, certain dos and don’ts should be considered before diving into the surreal sea of a hairless future. 

Things to remember before the treatment

  • Waxing and plucking should be avoided

Methods like waxing and plucking remove the hair from its roots, which can hamper the laser treatment as the roots are removed in waxing and plucking. Regrowth on some patches can take place. 

  • Heavy chemical products to be taken off routine

Skincare products with a high level of chemicals should be taken off the skin care chart for 3-5 days before laser hair removal. While the laser removes the hair, if it meets alien chemicals, there are chances of a reaction that can cause skin damage. 

  • Sunscreen for the win

Put sunscreen religiously every day! Especially if you are considering getting laser hair removal done, you cannot miss sunscreen. Sunblock with SPF 50 is recommended (minimum SPF 30). 

Sun protection is a heavy step. If our skin gets damaged due to the sun rays, the treatment will have to be rescheduled. This is because laser treatment cannot be performed on sensitive/sunburnt skin. 

  • Shave, baby shave!

Shaving before the treatment is a top-tier requirement. Shaving will eliminate every baby’s hair from the body. Sometimes our eyes might miss some hair with the naked eye but shaving thoroughly will ensure a smooth laser hair removal experience.

These were the pre-requisites. Now, let’s talk about what needs to be done after the laser hair removal is completed. 

  • Drug talks

You should chat with your doctor about laser treatment if you are under any medical therapy. This step has an enormous significance as certain medications might cause reactions during/after laser hair removal. 

Things to remember after the treatment

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  • Application of a calming lotion/gel

Once the treatment is completed, the skin is extremely sensitive as it has undergone an alien procedure. To pamper it, a calming lotion, preferably aloe vera gel, must be applied to the treated area. 

Because you know, skin tantrums are the worst!

  • Sunscreens for the win part-2

Sunscreens are essential in today’s time and situation. Our skin is prone to catch sunburn easily due to the harmful UV rays, and treated skin is even more sensitive. 

Applying sunscreen every 3-4 hours is recommended. Even if you are not leaving your home, applying sunscreen every couple of hours is vital (at least for 3-5 days).

  • All about exfoliation

Harsh exfoliators should be avoided completely during the treatment as skin reacts differently to every product once laser hair removal is done. Harsh exfoliators can cause skin tissues to damage/tear.

Chemical exfoliators with AHA/BHA content can be used after 3 days of laser hair removal treatment. 

  • Workout restart

Workouts can be restarted after 12-15 hours of treatment. This is because friction and sweat could lead to skin irritation and rashes.

Quick note– gym fanatics might find those 12 hours like 12 years (but you’ve got to do what you have got to do!)

  • Free entry pass

Once you are done with laser hair removal treatment, you will receive (obviously mentally) a free entry pass to wear any of your clothes without having to worry about those little hair popping out of your body. 

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See? It was that simple. Laser hair removal has become incredibly popular for all good reasons. So, are you finally looking for a skin expert to remove those annoying hair? If yes, you can explore the skinnsi website to know about full body laser hair removal cost and benefits.

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