Tips To Stay Energized, Focused and Awake While At Work

Tips To Stay Energized, Focused and Awake While At Work

Long office hours make you tired and bored which makes you sleepy and lack of energy which makes you go for a coffee.

But caffeine drinks offer only a short-term solution, here are some healthy caffeine-free tips that you may try to stay alerted and focused in the office.

Office exercise to keep blood flowing

Try to leave your workspace for some time, a 20-minute walk can boost your energy levels. While you can also try some low-impact exercises in the office like desk squat, bending your knees, desk push-ups.

Maximize your exposure to light  – walk outside

The greater the exposure to the light greater the alert you feel, open the shades to get fresh sunlight or step outside for a walk to get fresh air and sunlight. This will change the environment which makes you sleepy and tired and you will feel refreshed and boosted.

Healthy foods

Consume healthy food that is high in protein and healthy fat that provide you energy throughout the day. Eat a lot of carbohydrates and protein along with leafy greens and fruits which will contribute to improved brain function and alertness.

How to keep yourself healthy in office

Scheduled breaks give your eyes a rest

Your eyes are staring at a computer screen for hours they are the one who is tired most, so try to give your eyes a break after every 20 minutes. If you don,t give your eyes a break it will result in a headache, tired and sore eyes.

The best solution for eyes frequent break is the 20-20-20 rule that means peeling your eyes away from the screen after every 20 minutes will keep your eyes focused and healthy.

Involve your ears

Listening to some music while you work can make you stay active and alert, you can plug in the earphones if it is uncomfortable for others in the office.

Write something

Grab a pen and a paper and write down whatever comes to your mind, it will help you to clear your mind of your thoughts and regain focus.


Proper hydration to the body is a must, dehydration will make you tired and sleepy. Keep a bottle of water always at your desk and sip it at regular intervals.

Laugh at something

Laughter is an instant stress buster, so go and engage yourself in conversation with others, crack jokes, or watch some funny videos.

Splash cold water

When nothing works just go to the washroom and give your face a splash of cold water, it will regulate your body temperature and keep you alert.

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