Tinted Sunglasses are Back in Fashion

Tinted Sunglasses are Back in Fashion

Tinted sunglasses are back in fashion and have become a trend for summers. You can spot various celebrities sporting tinted sunglasses, last year dark and reflective tint was in trend but this year all changed to light-tinted.

You don’t have to wear sunglasses that hide your beautiful eyes instead wear the lightly colored tints which were in fashion in 1960. Lightly tinted sunglasses can not only be worn outside protecting your eyes from powerful sun rays but are also wearable inside.

Now more and more celebrities wearing tinted sunglasses have made them the trend. Tints are available in many different colors, or for many purposes from everyday wearer glasses to sunglasses. The tinted glasses can reduce the sun glare and improve contrast in the things around.

So if you are looking to get brand new tinted sunglasses but you are unsure about which color to buy here is a small guide to help you out.

Brown, amber, or yellow sunglasses 

  • Contrast is heightened
  • Depth perception is enhanced quite a bit
  • Great in the rain, shine, and low light

Green sunglasses

  • Separates colors well
  • Great for getting rid of glare and brightening up shadows
  • Great in rain or shine

Blue or purple sunglasses

  • Reduces glare
  • Helps to show color perception
  • Great for foggy or snowy weather

Grey sunglasses

  • Nice for general purpose and matches all outfits
  • Reduces harsh glare and adds the perception of color
  • Great for sun or clouds

Pink or red sunglasses

  • Reduces eye strain and is comforting
  • Adds contrast and depth perception
  • Great in all weather

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