Tips For Your Kid’s Healthy Hairs

Tips For Your Kid’s Healthy Hairs
Kids Healthy Hair

How to care for your child’s hair is a tricky task. First, you need to know what type of hair your child has and then take care accordingly. Here we are sharing some tips which might help you in taking care of your child’s hair.

Type of Hairs your child has

Know your child’s hair type whether they are straight, curly, oily, dry. Haircare needs and the frequency of shampoo vary with the type of hair your child has.

Oily hairs need to be shampooed more frequently while non-oily, straight hairs need less shampooing. Curly and dry hairs need shampoo only once a week.

Mild shampoo

Children’s hairs are very different from adult hairs, so choose mild shampoo to keep hairs clean and healthy. The child’s shampoo pH should be less than 5.5-6. As higher pH may result in cuticle damage and hair breakage.

Choose a mild and kids-friendly shampoo that does not sting their eyes. Use conditioner for your child only when your child is older and has long hairs, and apply conditioner only on the hairs to avoid putting it on the scalp.

Don’t use electric hair straighteners as they cause damage to the hairs. Hair dyes, Hair colors, perms contain harmful chemicals that will make your child’s hair brittle and result in split ends avoid them.

Always tie hair before going to bed

Untangle the hairs and tie them before going to bed, as in the morning the tangles will cause a lot of pain while combing. Encourage your child to comb their own hairs and for long hairs use a wide-tooth comb and start from bottom hairs to detangle.

Don’t leave any clip while sleeping which can entangle in their hair which may result in hair fall.

Take care of their diet

Diet plays an important role in determining the overall health of your child, which further affects your child’s hair. Feeding junk foods, carbonated beverages will make your child’s hair dry and brittle. Good nutrition is the key to hair growth.

Strawberries, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, and tomatoes for vitamin C and E improve the quality of hairs of your child. Increase their intake of fruits and water.


If you see split ends or notice hairballs at the end of the hair or a lot of popping strands during detangling then it’s time for trimming your child’s hairs.


Oil helps to seal in moisture, and promote healthy hair growth, repair damaged hair, stop breakage, and soothe a dry, itchy scalp. Common oils used for hairs are Coconut, Olive oil, or castor oil. Try to use these oils in your child’s hair care routine.

Take care of climatic changes

As the weather changes, you need to change the care you give to your hair. Changes in weather affect how often your child needs to shampoo. The scalp is more prone to dehydration with the cold weather and intense indoor heat, which can result in a dry scalp and brittle hair. And in summers good hair hygiene is necessary to prevent infections.

Try to make your children play in shade or cover their heads when playing outside.

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