10 Tips to look Thinner in Clothes

10 Tips to look Thinner in Clothes
How to look thin

To stay fit, beautiful, and healthy we need to eat and exercise well, but sometimes we wish to look thinner and slim. Just choosing your clothes wisely and using some clever tricks will make an enormous effect on the way you look.

Here we share easy tips for looking long, lean, and lovely in an instant.

1. Vertical stripes make you look longer

Wearing vertical stripes make you look longer, while horizontal stripes can make you look wider. Vertical stripes give you an elongating effect, apparently making the wearer look taller and slimmer.

2. Wear all black

Using one color to slender illusion is the oldest trick while wearing black from head to toe is very effective but you can use dark hues too to give a slender effect. Wear the same color top and bottom will make you look taller and thinner.

3. Wear high rise jeans 

High-rise jeans, when worn correctly, will do the trick of you looking leaner by elongating your lower body.

4. Long dark pants and boot cut jeans

Dark pants make your legs look slimmer,  and you can wear them with your white top if your bottom is heavy, while boot-cut jeans also make you look taller and leaner appearance.

5. Skinny belts

Use skinny belts that will define your natural waist and make you look slimmer while wide belts will make you look stumpy.

6. Wear a well-cut maxi skirt

Maxi skirt if well cut can give you a longer and leaner appearance. the top should be tucked in.

7. Mask the problem area with dark colors

If you don’t like wearing all black then choose clothes which have dark colors in your problem areas. Large arms, hips by choosing a tailored black button-down sweater. If you have large legs then cover them with black pants or a long skirt.

8. A well-fitted bra

Choose a well-fitted bra, the wrong size band, and the cup will neither lift nor shape you well. A right well-fitted bra can make you feel comfortable, have breasts looking better, and finally, you look thinner.

9. Heels with a low cut vamp

A low-cut vamp means the portion of the shoe that cuts across your foot at the front should be below, and the best would be if your shoe color matches your skin tone.

10. Wear hair up and off your face

A high ponytail at the back and a lightly tease at the crown will make your face look thinner.

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