Thekua – Bihari Traditional Sweet Dish.

Thekua – Bihari Traditional Sweet Dish.

Thekua (sometimes called Khajur) is a traditional rural homemade cookie of northern India. Thekua is a revered prasad (offering to god) in the Chhath puja.


Maida 500gms.
Suji 500gms.
Sugar 500gms.
Milk 250gms.
Ghee 100gms.
Chuhara 50gms.
Elaichi powder 20gms.
Dry coconut 50gms.
Raisins (kismis) 50gms.
Saunf 20gms.
Ghee for deep frying 500gms


  • Cut all the dry fruits into very small pieces.

  • Mix all the items including milk and ghee in a bowl and spray water in small Amount.

  • The mixture should be a little hard. (mixture should not stick to your hands).

  • Make pieces of the size of cookies with your hand.

  • Put a pan on the gas stove. Put ghee in it. Let it be heated for some time.

  • Deep fry the cookies until they turn brownish in color.

  • Take out the cookies from the pan. Now your snack is ready.

  • It can be preserved for about fifteen days if you keep it in an airtight container.

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