The secret ingredient to perfecting Maharashtrian cuisine – Malvani Masala!

The secret ingredient to perfecting Maharashtrian cuisine – Malvani Masala!

Malvani Masala, a spice powder from the Malvan region of the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, is used mainly in Maharashtrian and Goan cuisine.

The birthplace of Malvani Masala

Malvan is a picturesque village in the Sindhudurg county on Maharashtra’s west coast that has been designated as a Tourism District by the state government. The beautiful Sahyadri Mountains and the Arabian Sea surround this seaside location. Malvan has recently emerged as one of Maharashtra’s most popular tourist destinations. Its pristine beaches, landmarks, delicious food of Maharashtra, and variety of water activities have made it a popular tourist destination. 

Malvan’s history reveals that this region had various names. It was once known as Madvan, suggesting it was a coconut grove. It also used to have natural salt pans where large amounts of salt were produced. Salters referred to salt as Lavan, naming this place as Mahalavan- a location where you can obtain salt. Agriculture and fishing are the most typical occupations of Malvan’s people. Their staple diet is fish, curry and rice, which essentially brings us to the topic of Malvani cuisine.

Malvani cuisine

Malvani cuisine is a prominent regional food in Maharashtra, South Konkan area and Goa. It combines sweetness and sourness, making it the most renowned Maharashtrian cuisine. It has become a symbol of social and cultural identity for residents. In contrast to the vegetarian cuisines of Central and South India, Malvani gastronomy focuses on non-vegetarian items. Malvani cuisine is well-known for its beef, poultry, and seafood, which includes fish, prawns, and crabs. Fish is frequently filled with stuffing or is gently fried.

On the contrary, meat is braised and seasoned with sour and sweet flavours, making it a famous dish in Maharashtra. This town also grows large amounts of sugarcane, coconut, rice, groundnuts, and mangoes. It is famous for sweets made from gram flour, such as Malvani ladoos and Malvani khaja. Malvani food is among the most delicious of all Maharashtrian dishes for sure. It is rich and diversified, with a strong flavour, texture and colour. There’s a lot about this regional cuisine that makes it a foodie’s delight: the liberal use of coconut in all its forms—grated, dry, fried, paste, and coconut milk—a dash of kokum (Garcinia Indica) that gives its delicacies a natural sweetness, the generous tadka of curry leaves, and not to omit the special Malvani masala.

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Malvani Masala Recipe

Malvani masala is a unique spice combination famous in this region. It is a spice blend that comprises, among other things, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, poppy seeds, mace, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and turmeric. These spices are first roasted for an extended period over low heat. Herbs such as nutmeg and asafoetida are also used to create a fragrant blend. This is a versatile masala that may be used in a variety of curries, sabzis, and other dishes. It has a terrific flavour and scent. This Malvani masala’s spicy and peppery flavour is a culinary pleasure. Hence, it is one of the most underrated Indian Masalas.

Malvani Masala Uses in different Maharashtrian dishes.

Malvani Masala complements non-vegetarian Konkan cuisines such as Malvani fish curry, Malvani mutton rassa, and Malvani egg curry. These curries have a unique, fragrant flavour and are often prepared with a coconut-based sauce. Curries have a stunning glowing red because of the spice. They are typically eaten with hot rice or roti on special occasions or on weekends. There’s no reason to feel unhappy if you adopt a plant-based diet. Even vegetarians and vegans use Malvani masala to make a variety of dishes. It is, after all, an essential component in Cashew nut curry and Malvani pumpkin curry. This spice may enhance even the most basic lady finger bhaji or dish. The masala, which is hot and peppery simultaneously, provides limitless opportunities for mastering Maharashtrian cuisine or innovating with a new dish.

Malvani Masala best goes with chicken recipes. It is a blend of authentic coastal spices that recreates the taste and flavour of the traditional Maharashtrian Malvani Chicken meal. Hence, it is also known as the best chicken masala. This spice combination provides non-vegetarian food with a hot spicy touch. This distinctive Indian Curry blend is used to make Malvani Chicken curries, bringing the dish’s authentic flavour to life.

Find the best Malvani Masala

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