The 45th President of United States of America is Donald Trump

The 45th President of United States of America is Donald Trump

Everybody gets sad when their candidate loses, but we must remember that we all are on the same team – US President Barack Obama.
“One thing you realize in this job is that the presidency — or the vice presidency — is bigger than all of us,” Obama said
Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Election in a tough fight with Hillary Clinton and will take charge of office from January next year.
After seeing election polls it was certain that Hillary will win with a huge gap but surprising everybody Trump has become the 45th president of the US.
Trump performed very well in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina, which stood as a game-changer.
Hillary Clinton offers to work with Donald Trump, wishes him success as president. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to US President-elect Donald Trump, conveys his best wishes.
In his victory speech, Trump called for unity, praising Clinton for a hard-fought campaign and saying “Now it is time for America to heal the wounds of division. The Republicans won big all-around – maintaining and strengthening its control of the Senate 51-47 after wins in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Congress also remains Republican-controlled 236-191.
Asian stocks and the US dollar dropped after news of a likely Trump win – and bounced back slightly overnight.

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