Foreign Media on India crackdown on corruption

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World media reacted with a bit of shock curiosity after the news of PM Narendra Modi announced the banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.
There are huge amount of foreign tourist hundreds of thousands of globe-trotting businessmen presently in India and it may become nightmare for them in such situation.
After all, they would be the ones carrying the largest denomination notes and to find yourself in a strange country with all the currency in their pocket turned into so much useless paper, all these travelers would be searching for solutions.
The Washington in US have called it as a bold step by government to crackdown against black money .
UK also have its headlines as India just took another big step in its long-running battle to crack down on the shadow economy.
Its not first time such step have been taken to control corruption earlier America also banned the high denomination notes in year 1969. Than America have became the very corrupt country, the criminals mafia dons and white collar criminals took full control of America economy.
The American banking system was not developed by that time and all transaction happened in cash and there were notes of 1 Lac Dollar and whole American citizens were suffering because of that.
At that time the than American president took a bold step and withdrew all the notes of higher than 100$.
It was difficultForeign Media for the citizens to tackle the situation but it reduced the corruption in America. So this step taken by PM Narendra Modi is the same as earlier done it will also help India to develop a good banking system .As village people will also demand opening of banks in their area. A good economist will always guide that a good country is one where all the transaction happen through banking system.
Keeping poor village people out of banking system is not good and now India have taken this bold step of banning the regular 500 and 1000 rupee notes from circulation. Which will unearth lot of black money people have with them. Indian Government believes that by taking this decision they can hit black markets down and you would be least circulation of black money and fraud would not take place.