Shani Jayanti – A Day of Dosha Removal, Luck & Fortune

Shani Jayanti – A Day of Dosha Removal, Luck & Fortune

Shani Amavasya – Auspicious Day of the Lord Shanidev

Shani Jayanti according to the Hindu calendar is celebrated on Vaishakh Vadya Chaturdasi Amavasya. Lord Shani – Son of Surya and Chhaya, is also known as ‘Shanishwara‘ (The Supreme).

Shani Jayanthi 2024 is on June 06th, Thursday.

As per Hindu Mythology, Shani Jayanti marks the birthday of Lord Shani. Saturn (Shani) is one of the nine planets of the solar system. It exerts great influence on an individual according to their horoscope. The negative effects of Shani can be difficult to sustain. Its influence is higher when a person is going through the period of Shani Sade Sati, Shani Dhaiya, Mahadasha, or Shani Antardasha.

Shani Jayanti holds special significance for individuals whose horoscopes are inflicted by Shani Graha. It is carried out to protect the individuals from various dosha present in their horoscope due to the positioning of Shani.

In Sanskrit ‘Shanishwara’ comes from ‘Shanishchara’ which means ‘slow mover’. Lord Shani is the most sought out among nine Graha or planets. Shani Jayanti coincides with Savitri Vrat which is also observed during Jyeshtha Amavasya. A prayer to Lord Shani will mitigate the hardships one will have to face during bad times.

On Shani, Jayanti devotees keep fast or Upvaas to propitiate Lord Shani and visit Shani dev’s temples to seek the blessing of Lord Shani.

Shani Jayanti is a very appropriate day to perform Hawan, Homam, and Yagya to appease Lord Shani. Shani Tailabhishekam (oil bathing of Shani deva) and Shani Shanti Puja are the most important ceremonies performed during Shani Jayanti.

The above ceremonies are performed to lessen the effect of Shani Dosha, which is popularly known as Sade Sati, in one’s Kundali (birth horoscope).

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Shani Yantra

Shani Yantra

Shani Yantra reduces the ill-effects of malefic Saturn and brings the blessing of Lord Saturn and helps one lead a life of peace and harmony.

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Shani Moola Mantra

Shani Dev

ॐ सः शनैश्चराय नमः ॥
“Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah.”

To appease Lord Shani Dev and get his blessings, special Tantrik puja’s are performed by Vamtantra Sadhaks. Giving Donations for ann and vastra daan on this day is considered auspicious.

  • Perform Shani Jayanti Puja

  • Perform Shani Dosha Nivaran Puja at Shani Shingnapur

  • Shani Shaman Anusthan at Kamakhya Dham, Guwahati

  • Appease Shani to Drive Away all Negativity from your Life

  • Wear 7 Mukhi Siddh Rudraksha or 7 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala.

  • Wear Blue Sapphire but you have to wear it only after the suggestion of a Good Astrologer according to your Birth chart.

  • Navgraha Shanti Puja

  • Group Shani Puja and Tailabhishek on Shani Jayanti

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Shani Jayanthi puja promotes the following

  • It reduces mental tensions

  • Removes poverty and debts

  • Protects from any kind of evil

  • Brings financial stability

  • Cures feet and joint pains

  • Reduces the adverse effects of Shani

  • It promotes the smooth functioning of business

  • Overcome laziness

  • Reduce mental tensions

  • Financial prosperity and stability

  • To minimize the ill effects of afflicted Saturn and protect from the negative eventuality
    Regain health

Shani Dev Aarti

Shani dev

 Hindi  English
जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी,
सूरज के पुत्र प्रभु छाया महतारी,
जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी !!श्याम अंक वक्र दृष्ट चतुर्भुजा धारी,
नालाम्बर धार नाथ गज की अवसारी,
जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी !!क्रीट मुकुट शीश रजित दिपत है लिलारी,
मुक्तन की माला गले शोभित बलिहारी,
जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी !!मोदक मिष्ठान पान चढ़त है सुपारी,
लोहा तिल तेल उड़द महिषी अति प्यारी,
जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी !!दे दनुज ऋषि मुनि सुमिरत नर नारी,
विश्वनाथ धरत ध्यान शरण हैं तुम्हारी,
जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी !!ॐ शं शनिश्चराय नमः
Jai jai shri shanidev bhaktan hitakaari
Sooraj ke putra prabhu chaaya mahataari. Jai..Shyaam ank vakra drasht chaturbhujaa dhaari
Nilaambar dhaar naath gaj ki sawari. Jai..Kirit mukut shish sahaj deepat hai lilaari
Muktan ki maal gale shobhit balihaari. Jai..Modak mishtaan paan chadhat hai supaari
Lohaa til tel udad mahishi ati pyaari. Jai..Dev danuj rishi muni surat nar naari
Vishwanaath dharat dhyaan sharan hai tumhaari. Jai..

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