Sawan Month | Shravan Somvar Vrat Dates


Sawan (सावन), Shrawan Month is the holy month dedicated to Lord Shiva. It’s the time when we gear up to please Lord Shiva to seek Lord’s blessing. This month coincides with July and August when the monsoon is at its peak.

It is a belief that worshipping Lord Shiva in Shravan month is very powerful and the Mondays of this month are called ‘Shravan Somvar’. Hindus fast on these Somwar for success, marriage, and prosperity in their life. It is believed that Lord Shiva grants a boon to devotees when worshipped in this month and evade their bad luck and evil/negative energy affecting them.

The festival of Kanwar Yatra run during the monsoon month Sawan (July – August). When Millions of Devotees participate in the festival of gathering water from river Ganga and carry it across hundreds of miles to seek Lord Shiva blessing.

The Sawan month sets on Full moon day (Purnima) which is beginning of Sun’s transition into Leo zodiac. The Northern States celebrate it fifteen days before then the Southern States, as Lunar Calendar is followed in Southern states while Purnimant Calender is followed in Northern states.

In northern states, i.e. Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar the first Day of Sawan Month in 2018 is July 28th (Saturday) and first Somvar Vrat is on July 30th (Monday) which ends on August 26th (Sunday).

In Southern states, i.e. Goa, Maharastra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh the first Day of Sawan Month in 2018 is August 12th (Sunday) and First Somvar Vrat is on August 13th (Monday) which ends on September 9th (Sunday).