Royal Orient

Royal Orient
Royal Orient

Looking for a voyage back in an era of royalty and luxury? If yes, a trip to the Royal Orient is what you really need. The luxury train is perhaps the most outstanding work of the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat in association with Indian Railways. The intention behind this is to unfurl some of the most exotic destinations in the two states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Along with it, the luxurious setting and an opportunity to live the life of the kings convert a trip on the Royal Orient into an extremely special one.

Coaches and Saloons – Oriented Towards Royalty

The Royal Orient, as per its name, is inextricably linked with royalty. The very first glance that you cast on it assures of this link. From the outside itself, the train exudes a classic look, something which you will find missing in the new modern trains. Further reinforcing your idea of royalty are the names of coaches, thirteen in number. Like in Palace on Wheels, the Royal Orient, too, has its coaches named after the Rajputana princely states.

Inside, royalty takes a modern form. You have every facility that will make you feel as if you have stepped into a five-star hotel. The saloons have four large coupes with broad and comfortable beds. Attached to the cabins is a spacious bath. The saloons also have a lounge equipped with a television and a video recorder.

Adding touch to royalty to all this is the personal attendant, who like magic, appears anytime you need his service. So while you enjoy relaxing on your bed or watching a television show to entertain yourself, the attendant will take care of the rest of the thing.

There is also a well-stocked library wherein you can spend some quiet moments reading a book of your choice, much like the maharajas, who loved to read in their free time in their special chambers.

Sasangir, Velvadar And The Watering Hole

Sasangir and Velvadar, the two restaurants offer you food that is every gourmet’s delight. You will love every bite of your meal, be it Oriental or European dish. The expert chefs prepare dishes that are relished by one and all. The environment created inside the restaurant is unique in its own way and contributes to enhancing the taste of the food. For example, Sansangir creates a very rural aura for you to enjoy your food. The panellings are mud-plastered and studded with color glass.

The bar, Watering Hole, is full of quality Scotch and Indian malt whiskeys, wines, rums, and vodka. You can either sit here and enjoy a glass of drink or order it to be sent to the restaurant and even your own room.

With so much luxury at the tip of your finger, you actually start feeling like a king of the erstwhile royal era or at least an affluent tycoon of the modern era.

Embark On A Royal Journey

The itinerary of the journey is drawn up in a way that gives you a chance to explore the various attractions of the historically and culturally rich states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Usually, you will be traveling between destinations in the night while during the day, the individual attractions of each of these destinations will keep you hooked.

The royal journey commences every Wednesday at 1500 hours from the Delhi Cantonment and passes through Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Junagarh, Veraval, Sesangir, Dilwara, Palitana, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur before returning to its point of origin.

The highlights of the trip include visits to the Chittaurgarh Fort, Udaipur City Palace, Ashokan Rock Edict, Somnath Temple, Gir National Park, Ahmedabad Gandhi Ashram, Jaipur City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and Jantar Mantar. Moreover, you also get an opportunity to enjoy an elephant ride while in Jaipur’s Amber Fort. The ride tries to recapture the royal aura of the Rajput kings for you.

Post Journey

The seven nights and eight days onboard Royal Orient will become a memory that you will treasure throughout your life. After all, it is not every day that you get a chance to leave behind your monotonous life of a commoner and enjoy the luxuries that were reserved for the kings.

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