Popular 80s and 90s Fashion Trends that are Back

Popular 80s and 90s Fashion Trends that are Back
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Fashion repeats itself as many old fashion trends are back in fashion. 1980 fashion of shoulder pads, off-the-shoulder looks, denim jackets, ruffles, and metallic looks makes a comeback. Here is a quick review of the fashion trend of 2019 that were in fashion before.

Shoulder pads

shoulder pad
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It was a most followed trend of the ’80s but after that people got scared wearing them and looking like a footballer. Now they are back mainly the subtle shoulder pad is coming back.

With more and more celebrities sporting them they are back in fashion.

Denim Jackets and shirts

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The bold denim look is back which makes the 90’s fashion making a comeback. The comeback is with a certain flair we got white denim, wash-out denim, fading denim, dark and light, and medium denim.

We can see long as well as cropped jackets in the market, not only jackets, denim shirts are back in fashion too.

Tinted sunglasses

Tinted Sunglasses are Back in Fashion

Tinted shades for sunglasses are back in fashion for summer 2019. For those looking for UV protection try out various colored lenses put into quirky, plastic frames, or sculpted flat brims.

Colored sunglasses of all kinds showed up on the runways for Spring fashion shows.

White heels

White Heels
White Heels Source: designerzcentral.com

The white shoes of the ’80s are back in fashion, White shoes are known for a style that was bold, brash, and sexy.

The fashion world has embraced the white shoe again, and with more and more celebrities wearing them they are set to become the trend.

Golden/ metallic fabric dress

Metallic dress
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The Golden/ metallic fabric dress of the ’80s is back in fashion. Embrace the metallic trend with gold and silver items in particular, with occasional dashes of bronze, copper, and vibrant metallic colors thrown in your dress.

Pegged Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans
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Cropped, ripped jeans are the denim trend that is still going strong with high-waisted jeans and boot-cut jeans in fashion in 2019.


Ruffles and frills are back as key trends in fashion with decorating necklines, skirts, blouses, and even jackets. You can use ruffles as decorating collars, hemlines and form all-over cascading tiers, providing us with fashion’s most romantic fashion trend.

Animal print dress

Animal Print dress
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Animal prints are always in fashion with the skin pattern of leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, crocodile, and a snake makes anyone look special. These patterns not only make you look stylish but also bold and daring. Animal prints are seasonless, and you can wear them with almost anything.

Palazzo pants

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Trendy Palazzo pants or wide-leg trousers can make a positive impact on your look. Jeans are basic pieces for your wardrobe but now you can try out blue palazzo pants or denim palazzo pants that are in fashion. Palazzo pants went out of fashion at the start of the 21st century but are currently becoming a new fashion trend. Read more for wide Palazzo

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