Phulera Dooj 2024 – Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Phulera Dooj 2024 – Wishes, Quotes and Messages

According to Hindu Panchang, the second date of Shukla Paksh of the Falgun Month (Phalgun Month) is celebrated as the festival of Phulera Dooj. This is considered the most special day to receive blessings of Krishna and Radha. It is believed that on Phulera Dooj Lord Krishna plays holi with Radha. Preparation of Holi starts from Phulera Dooj specially in temples of Mathura and Vrindavan. The day is considered very auspicious and you can do any auspicious work on this day without consulting a astrologer.

The Festival of Phulera Dooj comes in between Vasant Panchami and Holi. It is pre holi celebrations when Krishna devotees play holi with flowers. The festival is celebrated with the hope that holi colours garner the happiness for all people. Share our amazing wishes and greetings to your friends and family on this amazing day of Phulera Dooj.

Phulera Dooj Wishes

  • As the flowers blossom for Spring, so too love blossoms in our hearts. Happy Phulera Dooj

  • May God paint your life with the beautiful colors of a rainbow, and you become as colorful as a blooming flower. Happy Phulera Dooj

  • May God gift you all the colors of life, Colors of Joy, Colors of happiness, Colors of friendship, Colors of love and all other colors you want to piaint in youe life. Happy Phulera Dooj

  • Celebrate the colours of life. I wish you and your family Happy Phulera Dooj

  • This Phulera Dooj, may your life be filled with the myriad colours of life and may you achieve everything you have wished for.

Phulera Dooj Wishes

  • May Lord Krishna be with you and your family, always! Blessings of Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. Happy Phulera Dooj

  • Celebrating the colours of our beautiful relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life. Happy Phulera Dooj

  • Radha never asked for anything in exchange for her devotion to Krishna. Her name appears before Krishna because of her sincere love and devotion. Radhey Krishna!

  • May the bond and love of Radha Krishna forever give you hope and the strength to face life. Happy Phulera Dooj

  • May Lord Krishna shower its most cheerful blessing on all and strength 2 every 1 facing difficulties in their lives. Happy Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj Wishes

  • दे के दर्शन कर दो पूरी प्रभु मेरे मन की तृष्णा
    कब तक तेरी राह निहारूं, अब तो आओ कृष्णा
    Happy Phulera dooj

  • नन्हा सा फूल हूँ मैं, चरणों की धुल हूँ मैं,
    आया हूँ तेरे द्वार कान्हा मेरी पूजा करो स्वीकार
    Happy Phulera dooj

  • राधा की चाहत है श्री कृष्ण उसके दिल की विरासत,
    श्री कृष्ण चाहे कितना भी रस रचा के..
    श्री कृष्ण दुनिया तो फिर भी यही कहती है..
    राधे कृष्ण, राधे कृष्ण, राधे कृष्ण
    फूलों की होली की शुभकामनाये

Phulera Dooj Wishes

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