Parent’s Day – Fourth Sunday in July

Parent’s Day – Fourth Sunday in July

Parent’s Day is observed on Fourth Sunday in July, which in 2024 will fall on July 28th. The parent holds the most important place in our life. Mother and Father builds our life and teaches us how to face difficulties in life, they sacrifice a lot only for the happiness of their children. Parent’s day is celebrated to show the love and importance of parents in our life.

The origin of Parent’s day date back to 1994 in the United States where the bill was passed to celebrate Parent’s day on the fourth Sunday of July. In Korea Parent’s day is celebrated on May 8th every year.

Families are a fundamental human institution, they are bound by unconditional love and commitment. Throughout their life, a person faces a lot of ups and downs in life. From being a newborn stage to student life and later on, the job and household life give a lot of experiences of life. He sustains many types of tasks and responsibilities throughout his life, and can never repay the invaluable support and love he receives from his parents. The affection of the mother and care and discipline from the father can never be substituted and plays a major role in shaping one’s life.

The real value of parents and the struggle they have faced in giving you the best of everything can only be understood once you yourself become a parent. In Hinduism, parents are always in a higher position and are worshipable and respected. Whatever identity we have in this world the entire credit goes to parents. This is the reason why Rama went into exile after being ordered by his parents. Parents always forgive our mistakes and always motivate us to follow the path of growth and progress. Behind every successful man, there is a hand of parents behind him in shaping up his life.

So let us honor our parents and respect them for the love and affection they have poured for your successful upbringing. Share our Happy Parents Day quotes and show your love to them.

  • Happy Parents Day. God gives us life with happy and sad moments, but Parents always try to give us only happy moments.
  • I know I am lucky to have parents who love endlessly… to me and each other. Happy Parents Day!
  • My life becomes so blessed only for you two, why not when it is guided by the world’s best parents like you. Happy Parent Day
  • You two have always been my source of inspiration and my motivation to be successful in life. I love you, mom, and dad. Wishing both of you a happy parent’s day!
  • Mom and dad, I grew up cocooned in your love, comforted by your hugs, and motivated by your lives… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for everything.
  • I know I am lucky to have parents who love endlessly… to me and each other. Happy Parents Day!
  • Thank you, Mom & Dad, for being such wonderful parents. You have been to the best of my times as also in the worst.
  • I love you Mom and Dad You have brought me into this beautiful world and have given me everything that we wished for.
  • I thank god every day for his blessings. It was a gift for me to be born to the most wonderful parents in this world. Happy parent’s day!
  • You taught me to walk, run, and chase my dreams. You taught me to be kind, generous, and happy.
  • You taught me to live and love. Happy Parent’s Day!

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