Now every Indian can go Cashless

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India going cashless and this is hitting hard on small businessman and rural people who don’t have access to smart phones and internet and can only do there payment by cash.

Paytm recently announced to go cashless by Paytm even if you are not having smart phone and internet connection. Paytm have announced a toll-free number 180018001234 which will enable people to do payment without smartphone or internet facility. They can receive or pay money by dialing to this toll-free number.

This step will help millions of Indian specially old and rural people who don’t have access to mobile banking. You have to call on this toll-free number and set up your four digit Paytm PIN. Than you just have to enter the recipient mobile number and your Paytm PIN and you can successfully transfer the required amount from your Paytm Wallet to recipient Paytm Wallet.

You just need to register yourself with the Paytm by calling the toll-free number and go cashless without having a smart phone, Alternatively you can register with Paytm by either using your friends smartphone or Paytm site, after you are registered to Paytm you just have to call the toll-free number and set your 4 digit Paytm PIN and go cashless.

“We are committed to enabling more and more Indians to be able to transact digitally. The launch of our new toll free payment number is another significant step in that direction. This will allow even non-smartphone users across India go cashless,” said Nitin Misra, senior vice-president, Paytm.