Motorbike Expeditions in India

Motorbike Expeditions in India
Motorbike Expeditions

What is Motorbike expeditions?

When a man and machine thunder across mountains and plains, it makes for an awesome sight. Bikers, who love the thrill of offbeat journeys, crow about the fact that they can access places that even a jeep cannot reach. If you are blessed with stamina, a sound road sense, and memory for routes, then you are sure to enjoy your motorbike expedition.

Where to go?

There are plenty of options for motorbike expeditions in India. Leh–Ladakh in Leh in Jammu & Kashmir, Manali in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, Garhwal–Kumaon in Tehri Garhwal in Uttaranchal are the hot spots.

A motorbike expedition is a great way to explore the Himalayan region. Riding out of Manali, you will reach the Rohtang pass. From Shimla, as you ride towards Kinnaur and Spiti, you will reach the Kunzum Pass which is the entry point to Lahaul.

What do you need to know?

There are specialized operators for motorbike expeditions. They offer packages where the motorbike can be hired. Make sure you’ve got the required permits and plan your route in advance. If you’re a novice to the sport, go with a group that has experienced bikers. Accommodation and food are usually part of the tour package. The cost depends on the duration of the expedition and the circuit.

What must you carry?

The Royal Enfield motorbike (350CC) is usually most bikers’ choice in India. Accessories like helmets and necessities like fuel are either part of the package or charged separately by the tour operator. Remember to carry route maps.

Motorbike Expeditions: Hotspots

Leh (Jammu & Kashmir)–Manali (Himachal)

Manali–Shimla (Himachal)

Garhwal-Kumaon (Uttaranchal)

Motorbike Expeditions: Do’s and Don’ts


Get the necessary permits and plan your route in advance.


Stay along designated routes.


Don’t forget a toolkit and first-aid box.

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