Kaal Bhairav Jayanti

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti also known as Bhairav Ashtami, Bhairava Jayanti, and Kala-Bhairava Ashtami. It falls on the eighth lunar day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the Hindu month of Kartik. Bhairav is considered to be the fifth incarnation of Lord Shiva. They have two forms, first Batuk Bhairav who gives fearlessness to the devotees, while Kaal Bhairav ​​is a fierce punisher who controls criminal tendencies. Kala Bhairav is one of the most important deities that originated in Hindu mythology and is sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains alike.

In 2024 Kaal Bhairav Jayanti will be celebrated on 22nd November(Friday). Kaalbhairav Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with annihilation. He is known as the gatekeeper of all Shiva temples and his vehicle is the dog. He is the most powerful form of all the Bhairavas.


Kaal Bhairav

According to a legend Kaal Bhairav was born because of the wrath of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared in form of Bhairav on the Ashtami Tithi of the Krishna Paksha during the Hindu month of Kartika. It is believed that after Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar debated to show who was superior. The point of difference was as to who, of the two, is superior. To decide the issue, saints, rishis, and sages were summoned, who after deliberations pronounced that there is a special power, Brahma and Vishnu are forms of the same. Vishnu was satisfied but Brahma could not agree with the judgment of the jury. Lord Siva could not tolerate this defamation of the jury; he instantly appeared in the form of Bhairav and smashed the pride of Brahma. Legend has it that Lord Shiva cut the fifth head of Lord Brahma on this day and performed penance. One of the most fearsome avatars of Lord Shiva is the Kaalbhairava. The word Bhairava means remover of all sorts of fears from life. He is worshipped by both Tantriks as well as Mantriks all across the world.

He is depicted in an aggressive form with angry eyes shaped like lotus blossoms, blazing hair, tiger’s teeth, a snake coiled around his neck or crown, and a garland of human skulls. Often terrifying, Kala Bhairava carries a trident, a drum, and the severed fifth head of Brahma. The deity is blue-throated from swallowing poison to save the world. Hence, he is considered to be the vanquisher of death. The vehicle of Kaalbhairava is a shvaana (a dog). Feeding and taking care of dogs is another way of showing our devotion to Lord Kaala Bhairava.


It is an auspicious day for Lord Shiva devotees. According to religious belief worshipping Lord Kaal Bhairav on this day with full devotion will help a person get rid of all his misfortune. He protects his devotees from enemies like greed, lust, and anger.

Bhairava is called upon as protector, as he guards the eight directions of the universe. In Shiva temples, when the temple is closed, the keys are placed before Bhairava. Bhairava is also described as the protector of women. It is believed that worshipping Bhairava gives prosperity, prevents premature death, and solutions to debts and liabilities. Despite being the most feared deity, he is essentially one of the most rewarding and protective Gods. Being a Rudra, the Lord is said to be very knowledgeable in Tantra-Mantra.

Worshiping Lord Bhairav helps to get rid of sufferings and pains, especially the troubles related to the paranormal world. The devotee cherishes all-round success and a healthy life free from any sort of disease.

Worship of Kaal Bhairav

Devotees keep fast for the day, after taking their morning bath pujas are performed by them. They worship Lord Parvati and Bhairav along with Lord Shiva in the evening and Bhairava is called the God of Tantrikas, that is why they are worshiped at night. After this, worship Aarti with incense, lamp, black sesame, urad, and mustard oil to worship Bhairav and after opening the fast, feed sweet loaves to the black dog.

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काल भैरव गायत्री मंत्र

ॐ कालाकालाय विधमहे,
कालाअथीथाया धीमहि,
तन्नो काल भैरवा प्रचोदयात ll

Kaal Bhairav Gayatri Mantra

Om Kaalakaalaaya Vidmahe,
Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi,
Tanno Kaala Bhairava Prachodayat ll

Kala Bhairav Siddhi Mantra

Hrim batukaya apadudharanaya kuru kuru batukaya hrim.
Om hreem vam vatukarasa Apaduddharaka vatukaaya hreem
Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham Kshetrapaalaaya Kaala Bhairavaaya Namaha

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