National Journalism Day 2024

National Journalism Day 2024

National Journalism Day (राष्ट्रीय पत्रकारिता दिवस) is observed on 17th November in India. The day celebrates freedom of speech, Journalism plays the role of mediator between the public and the policymakers. Be it in newspapers, television, or digital media a journalist play a major role in covering all issues happening in our society.

On this date, we highlight the importance of the profession in seeking the truth and defending the freedom of expression. In the age of social media, the job of a journalist has become a lot tougher.


The Press Commission 1956 envisioned a committee to protect the ethics of journalism and freedom of the press in India. It led to the formation of a Press Council 10 years later. The object was to preserve the freedom of the press and for maintaining and improving the standards of the press in India.

The Press Council of India is a statutory body under which the entire print media industry comes. The whole print media of India comes inside the purview of the Press Council. The Council is entrusted with the mission of acting as a supervisory body over print media. It maintains the highest possible levels of journalistic veracity and conduct.

Functions of the Press Council of India

The main objectives of PCI as per the Press Council Act, of 1965, are as follows:

  1. To help newspapers to maintain their independence.
  2. To build up a code of conduct for newspapers and journalists in accordance with high professional standards.
  3. To ensure on the part of newspapers and journalists the maintenance of high standards of public taste and foster a due sense of both the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  4. To encourage the growth of a sense of responsibility and public service among all those engaged in the profession of journalism.
  5. To keep under review any development likely to restrict the supply and dissemination of news of public interest and importance.
  6. To keep under review such cases of assistance received by any newspaper or news agency in India from foreign sources, as referred to it by the Central Government.
  7. To promote the establishment of such common service for the supply and dissemination of news to newspapers as may, from time to time, appear to it to be desirable.
  8. To provide facilities for the proper education and training of persons in the profession of journalism.
  9. To promote a proper functional relationship among all classes of persons engaged in the production or publication of newspapers.
  10. To study developments that may tend towards monopoly or concentration of ownership of newspapers, including a study of the ownership or financial structure of newspapers, and if necessary, to suggest remedies.

The Press Council of India is important to stop the misconduct which takes place in the press. By the passing of the Act, the situation of the press has improved a lot.

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Journalism in India

The Government of India has introduced various policies toward journalists. The policies signify their scope of research. It also specifies what all press organizations can publish. Journalists are given some privileges which the general public does not have. Journalists can also interview senior officials, politicians, celebrities, and other persons in focus. In February 2021, the Indian government published the Information Technology Rules, which imperil freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

Journalists involve in issues related to government and their task is not easy. They need to do a lot of researching and detailed learning on any topic before they can bring up a story to their audience. They have to put in a lot of hard work and commitment to bring the truth out.

India as a whole needs to uphold its commitment to democratic principles and establish a national-level journalist safety mechanism to combat impunity. Freedom of speech is still a distant dream in India. Reporters working in regional media, politics, crime, and corruption are attacked the most.

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