International Vlog Day

International Vlog Day

International Vlog Day is celebrated on 10th August every year to encourage people to make and share their videos online. Vlog is short for “video log” or “video blogging”, and refers to a blog where the content posted is in video format. It is a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos. It is a great way to engage with the audience and find more new followers to spread your message out there.

blog + video = vlog

It is a blog where most of the content is of video origins—instead of writing, you are speaking your blog story via camera movie.

Video is today one of the most powerful online marketing tools you can have. You can use video to establish yourself as an expert and to communicate better with your viewers, reach a larger audience and connect on a deeper level with your clients. Vlogging has become a new and popular way for people to connect over the internet.


Vlogging Day was founded in the Summer in the City U.K.’s largest online video festival to bring the community of vloggers and fans together. The festival gathered thousands of young people who enjoy online video content.

The first International Vlogging Day was celebrated on 10th August 2018. It was organized by David Bullas, and Tom Burns, and their online video festival, Summer in the City, now called Social in the City. The day helps those unfamiliar with vlogging understand it and shows the positive impact it can have. Upon its creation, its founders said: “With so much of the news cycle focused on the negative and the divisive, we believe that the act of telling stories, of sharing ideas, and of listening to others, has a major role to play in increasing the empathy and understanding required to stand up to the challenges we face in the 21st century.”

Whilst the August date was chosen to coincide with the Creator and Industry Day of Summer in the City, Tom said International Vlogging Day is “a worldwide event. While we will be celebrating in London, we will also encourage people across the world to share their stories and participate in their way. We hope that together we can spread a positive message about the industry we all work in and continue to inspire future creators to join this brilliant global community.”

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Positive aspects of vlogging

Vlogging can help people to build confidence, start friendships, learn technical skills like camera work, lighting, sound, and editing, and can even help launch careers. It also may help to combat the negative aspects that social media may present. Vlogging is so common nowadays that there are even people who make a living out of it, and kids who dream of being YouTubers.

  • A vlog will help you in building trust with your viewers
  • A vlog will help you in building relationships
  • It demonstrated your knowledge or expertise
  • Vlogging makes the culture familiar. Through vlogs, people can understand the culture of different countries.
  • A vlogger helps you to inform the masses or educate the audience on different topics.
  • Vloggers keep people entertained
  • Vlogging helps connect with people from all over the world
  • One more benefit of vlogging is that it creates revenue for the creator. Revenue comes in different forms, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and advertisements.

Today, vlogging is a high trend, yet still isn’t mainstream enough for my computer’s autocorrect to not recognize the words vlog, vlogging, or vlogger as blog, blogging, or blogger.

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