International Hug Day

International Hug Day

Hey, it’s International Hug Day… The perfect time to get cozy with your sweetheart, catch up with friends and family, and tell them how much you care. Send them a tight, warm squeeze and make them feel really special.

International Hug Day is also known as National Hugging Day, National Hug Day, Hug Day, World Hug Day, or International Hugging Day is celebrated annually on January 21 and was created by Kevin Zaborney in 1986 in Clio, Michigan, USA. January 21st was chosen as it fell between the Christmas, New Year holidays, and Valentine’s Day, and people are generally found to be low in spirits during these days.

[CARO, MICHIGAN U.S.A. January 16, 2020] Humanity is becoming more and more fearful and isolated. Hate, bigotry, and violence is increasing. People are starting to believe there are no safe places to go, grow, and thrive as a community. We look at others with trepidation and wonder how we, our families and friends can remain safe. “Thoughts & Prayers” for the victims and families of hate/violence are necessary and productive. Yet those actions often fall short as they can seem empty without faith, hope, and something tangible with which to connect. What can be done?

This is where a National Hugging Day™ can help. Healing and change CAN occur when we come together in love and acceptance as one human family. Recognizing those who are making this difference through hugging.

We all hug somebody at certain times and each hug is different, it gives support and affection to someone you hug. It makes them stronger not only emotionally but also physically. Let us see some basic facts about Hugging.

Some important facts about Hugging

1. Hugs reduce stress hormones in your body – It has been proved by research that when two people hug each other, their body release oxytocin which decreases heart rate and a drop in the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine.

High cortisol levels can negatively impact learning and memory abilities, weight, cholesterol, and heart disease. So, the next time one of your friends or family is stressed, go on ahead and offer them a hug.

2. Hugs may improve your immune system – Research has found stress and social support impacts immunity and susceptibility to infectious disease.

The study found that those who felt socially supported and were hugged more often also experienced less-severe signs of illness. Hence by hugging we stay away from diseases and stay healthy.

3. The heart is happy and healthyHugging can be good for your heart as hugging lowers your blood pressure levels and heart rate.

4. Hugging reduces loneliness – Human physical contact is necessary for us to feel secure and reducing our worries and fears. Hence frequent hugging will combat loneliness. A simple act may have a larger effect on others than you realize.

5. Hugs can make you happierOxytocin is a chemical in our bodies also called ‘cuddle hormone’, ‘love hormone’, and the bonding hormone which increases levels of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

Hence hugging uptick in positive mood markers and a reduction in negative ones and have calming effects making us happier.

So it is evident that hugging has many physical and mental well-being benefits and is a perfect excuse for getting as many hugs as possible every day!

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Keep Spreading LOVE!

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