Top hacks for brides on the wedding day

Top hacks for brides on the wedding day

Being a bride is not a piece of cake. Sometimes it feels even harder than climbing a mountain. There are loads of things you need to take care of as a bride before and even at the wedding. The brides have to go through so many tasks and still keep a happy face. She has to keep so many things in her mind. Such as her wedding dress, her makeup, her hair, her smile, and what not! But we are here to make your life a little easier as a to-be bride with some tips and hacks. You can apply these hacks on your wedding day to make it way smoother than you thought.

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Amazing Bridal Hacks for brides on the wedding day:

  Footwear hacks for the brides:


  1. We all know how gorgeous the high heels look with the elegant lehenga. But what if those beautiful heels get stuck in the grass? That would be a nightmare! So don’t let your heels get stuck in the grass by adding heels protectors on them. These will help your heels stay out of trouble and therefore it will help you as well.

  2. The footwear we buy for a wedding is usually brand new. New shoes or heels have a smooth surface and sometimes this can cause real trouble. You definitely don’t want to slip during your rocking dance performance. The best way to avoid slipping is to rough up your shoes a little bit before wearing them on the occasion.

  3. The footwear on our wedding is going to be beautiful and quirky. And you don’t want them to smell foul when you take them off right? Here’s a great tip to make your footwear smell good. Put some talcum powder on the sole of your footwear and they will smell fresh all day long.

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Makeup Hacks for the brides:

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  1. Imagine all your makeup is done and you’re looking super gorgeous, but in the middle of the wedding your lipstick starts coming off! Nope don’t let that ever happen. Always carry the lipstick you wear on your wedding. Keep it close to you or give it to your bridesmaid but never forget that lipstick.

  2. It is obvious that in the hustle-bustle of the wedding, you’re going to sweat a bit. But you surely don’t want that sweat to ruin your makeup. Always keep some tissues by your side in any function of your wedding. Tissues are real saviors when it comes to makeup, believe us!

  3. No bride can sit 2 hours straight in her lehenga while getting her makeup done right? Wedding outfits are heavy and we don’t want to carry that burden before we have to. So when you’re getting your makeup done, wear a bathrobe or a button-down shirt. This will make you feel super light. And when you take it off to wear your actual outfit, it won’t ruin your makeup too!

  4. Happy brides are the prettiest brides! Yes, that’s true. It’s always necessary for a bride to stay happy on her wedding day. And why should she not be happy? After all, it’s the day she has been waiting for all along! So you want to make your smile look pretty right? To make your smile enhance more and to cover up the yellow stains on your teeth, do not forget to use the teeth whitening gel or powder the night before the big day. We bet this hack will help you a lot.

  5. It is as important to smell fresh as it is to look good on your wedding day. Weddings are long and you definitely want your perfume to last the whole ceremony. So, to make your perfume stay all along with the wedding, apply Vaseline on the areas where you’re going to spray your perfume. This hack will make your perfume stick to the area and remain there for a long time.

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Beauty hacks for all the brides to be:

  1. We Indians have so many wedding functions before the actual wedding. And we know these days are tiresome. Almost all the brides lack sleep in their wedding and that can cause a huge problem of puffy eyes. So brides never forget to take your beauty sleep during the wedding. And if you have puffy eyes in the wedding, try applying some tea bag on your eyes and rest for a while. This tip will help you get rid of those puffy eyes and will make you feel super fresh.

  2. A wedding is the most happening event of any bride’s life. And in that excitement, we often forget to eat properly at the wedding. And as soon as we reach home, we’re hungry again! So the solution of this hunger is to tell your caterer to pack a go-to bag for you when you leave for your home. So that you can open it and eat whenever you are hungry!

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