International Dog Day

International Dog Day

International Dog Day is celebrated on 26 August every year, when the world consciously recognizes the joy of having a four-legged friend around. The day raises awareness about the adoption, love, and care of the canines. The day encourages people to adopt dogs instead of purchasing pure breeds. India is a country that is considered the epitome of diversity, dogs are no exception; here is where one can find different Indie breeds across various destinations.

Dogs offer their owners many benefits, including more opportunities for exercise and socialization and even improved health. The furry friend help in so many ways: guide dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, and especially your four-legged friend who is thrilled to see you every time you come home. One doesn’t have to be a “dog-person” to recognize the joy these fuzzy beings bring to our lives daily.


August 26 is celebrated as International Dog Day since 2004 worldwide. The day was established by animal welfare advocate, and pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. The date 26 August was chosen because it was the date when Paige’s family adopted their first dog ‘Sheltie’ when he was 10 years old. What started as National Dog Day in the USA has grown to become an international event. Paige is also behind the creation of holidays including National Dog Day, National Cat Day, and National Horse Protection Day.

The day was also created by the Dog Day Foundation with a mission to promote the adoption of rescue dogs and to support local pet shelters coast to coast. Their motto? “Saving 10,000 Dogs – One Day at a Time”. Since 2004, the foundation has saved the lives of more than 100,000 furry critters, and today the celebration of National Dog Day has traveled thousands of miles with similar celebrations on the same day occurring in the UK, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, and Canada.

In addition to giving love and companionship, dogs are “man’s best friend” in countless other ways — protecting our homes, leading the blind, acting heroically in times of war, or aiding in search and rescue missions.

The only thing better than human holidays is an excuse to celebrate our beloved pets and spread awareness about our furry friends.

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How to celebrate the day

Spoil your dog with extra treats, or get creative with dog-friendly recipes for a nutritious home-cooked meal. Host a National Dog Day event to raise money for your local animal shelter, or offer your services as a volunteer.

You can also celebrate Dog Day by donating to an animal charity of your choice. You will probably find that you have a local dog charity or shelter in your local area.

Since August is summer vacation time, make plans to take your dog along on a dog-friendly vacation or for a little R&R in a swank dog-friendly hotel.

Have a National Dog Day party and invite all your friends and their dogs! Let kids join in on the fun by downloading cute dog coloring pages for a great party activity.

When the party is over, don’t forget to check in on elderly neighbors or shut-ins and offer to walk, groom, or give special treats to their companion dogs.

Fun facts for International Dog Day

• Stressed? Petting a dog is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Simply walking your dog has lots of health (and social) benefits, as well.

• According to research, the best dog for attracting the opposite sex is the Golden retriever. The same study suggests that if you’d rather be left alone, walk a pit bull!

• Dog noseprints are as distinctive as human fingerprints. No two are exactly alike and often can be used to identify them.

• The most popular dog breed in Canada, the U.S., and Great Britain is the Labrador retriever.

• Along with National Dog Day, there’s also Take Your Dog to Work Day observed every year in the United States in June.

• The most popular male dog names are Max and Buddy. The most popular female dog names are Bella and Molly.

• Those born under the sign of the dog in Chinese astrology are said to be loyal and true.

• French poodles aren’t French! Germany is their original home, and the name comes from the German pudelhund or “splashing dog”.

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