Be A Good Dog Owner

Be A Good Dog Owner

Adding a four-legged member to the family is such an exciting and wonderful time. There are just so many things to discover and delightful moments to look forward to. Having a dog as a pet is a great experience, a major commitment you will cherish forever.

Bringing a dog home is a big responsibility, it means you are ready to share your home and heart with your four-legged companions. It is the most rewarding, meaningful, and sometimes challenging experience in your life. A dog gives you unconditional love, a unique and unforgettable bond, and a friendship like no other.

But before bringing a dog into the family, every potential pet parent needs to know some basic facts of dog ownership. There are potential problems that you may encounter when having a dog for the first time, many things for you to consider, such as what type of food your dog eats, which vet is good for the dog, how many chew toys it needs, and many more. Be a responsible dog owner by not only keeping your own puppy safe but everyone else around you, as well.

Tips for First Time Dog Owners

You have found your companion but before bringing your pup to your home you need to be prepared. We are sharing some tips for the crucial first few weeks with your new best friend.

Treats, dog food, and a water and food bowl

The first thing you have to bring is good dog food and the type of food depends on the breed of your new puppy. Consult with your vet for recommendations. Another great place to find great food for your pup is your local specialty pet store. and don’t forget to bring in a food and water bowl for your dog.

A collar, leash, tags, poop bag holder, and harness

You need a collar and a leash that you must have when you carry your dog outside. You will get them easily in any pet store and don’t forget to attach a poop bag holder to the leash.

Beds, cozy blankets, and a crate

Just as you need a bed to sleep your puppy also needs a bed to sleep in when your pup feels tired. Throw a cozy blanket to make the crate even more comfortable. The crate becomes your dog’s den, where they can find comfort and solitude while you know they’re safe and secure.

A veterinarian

A happy dog is a healthy dog. You don’t want to neglect his health. A vet is needed even before you bring your pup home, try to find someone who is reasonably close to your home as there may be times when you need to take the pup there quickly. Many vets will offer a “puppy package” which can save you big bucks on first visits, vaccines, microchipping, and altering procedures. That’s important to make sure he’s in good health.

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Ticks and Flea Medication

It is quite common for a dog to suffer from an infestation of fleas or ticks on its coat. It causes a lot of discomfort to them. Before you bring your dog home, you should be ready with a stock of approved medication that will help get rid of any fleas on the dog’s skin.

Dog toys for your pup

Just like children like having new toys the same way your pup needs toys to play with, love on, and snuggle with. The pup’s first few toys will make them feel comfortable and at home, and they will give them a much-needed outlet for sore teeth or excess energy.

Potty training kit

Potty training is going to be an adventure with your new pup, but luckily there are a few things you can get in preparation.

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