International Beer Day

International Beer Day

The first Friday of August every year is celebrated as International Beer Day (IBD). In 2022 International Beer Day will fall on 5th August.

The observation of International Beer Day was originally initiated by Jesse Avshalomov. The celebration of International Beer Day was started in Santa Cruz, California in the year 2007. Beer Day was aimed to celebrate the craft of brewing and to show appreciation for those involved in the making of beer. This day quickly expanded to include celebrations of bartenders and other beer technicians.

The International Beer Day expanded in scope and size. The day quickly gained international recognition and following within only a short year. International Beer Day was celebrated in 207 cities, 50 countries, and on 6 continents.

The goal is total enjoyment of beer and often includes lauding those involved in making and serving beer.

According to the official IBD Website, the purpose of this special day is threefold:

  • To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.

  • To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.

  • To bring the world together by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures on this one remarkable day.

Ways to celebrate the day

Drink good beer with good friends – It’s officially against the rules to spend International Beer Day by yourself. While drinking beer is, of course, the most important part of celebrating International Beer Day, beer is always the best when you have some company to go with your brews.

Show some love to those who make and serve you a beer – Whether it’s a beer brewed by your local microbrewery or your favorite go-to brands that always find a place in your fridge – thousands of men and women of different cultures and nationalities around have invested time, dedication and lots of love brewing so many different styles of beers for us to enjoy. So this day, take a moment to let these people know how much you appreciate their labor of love.

Make a call or do a social media shout-out, leave a tip or just say thank you: but ensure you let your brewers, the microbrewery staff, and your brands know you love them.

Gift a buddy some beer – If you’re a true beer lover at heart, you know by now that beer tastes way better when someone buys you one. It only makes sense that the tradition demands us to buy our friends some really good beer!

When you present the beer, remember to say the traditional words of beer-giving: “I bring you the gift of beer.”

Giving and receiving the gift of beer makes the world of beer and beer lovers a much warmer place.

Find Your Nearest IBD Celebration – There may be International Beer Day events right around the corner. Call your local pubs!

Enjoy Beers From Other Cultures – It’s a big beer world out there full of wondrous new flavors. Be adventurous, try something new on International Beer Day!

Try something new – The world of beer is enormous and we get it: it can be overwhelming. But as tradition goes, International Beer Day is all about erasing divides – whether regional or cultural, by celebrating beers of all nations and cultures on this one remarkable day.

So if there’s ever a perfect time you treat your taste buds to a new flavor or style it would be today! Stock up on some new brands, get out your growler, head over to a watering hole you haven’t been to before, and ask for what’s on tap! Remember, beer lovers, variety is the spice of life.

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