How to use Janam Kundli for your benefit

How to use Janam Kundli for your benefit

The world out there today is filling up to the brim with confusion, stress, and anxiety. Times are getting difficult, and the world has taken a toll on most of us. In such times, having an astrologer to map your Kundli online and give you predictions is a comfort for many.

In Vedic astrology, the Janam Kundli or natal chart is one of the most prominent documents that, in essence, form the base of all astrological predictions. To be able to read your Janam Kundli can be a perplexing task, which not many without experience and practice can perform.

There are elegant intricacies behind all astrological calculations, along with numerous characters that play vital roles in forming your life’s path. Apart from the Kundli chart, there are also a few more charts and scriptures that take important places in reading the Kundli online.

Is the Janma Kundli really that important?

A Kundli or birth chart is a diagrammatic representation of the movements and positions of planets and celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth. Based on this chart, further evaluation is made on your other charts if needed, and one can make many predictions about an individual with ease. Let’s dig into the relevance of the Kundli:

  • A Kundli can be helpful with understanding the various and tiresome difficulties and challenges you may face in the many spheres of your life. With proper learning of how to read the Kundli, your Kundli will not only be able to tell you about these periods but also work out what remedies will work best for you and what path you can choose to face the challenges head-on.

  • The Kundli is a small chart that mirrors and records all your inner and outward traits, characteristics, and downfalls. It can help you overcome adverse characteristics and refine the traits you already have.

  • The natal chart may be very useful in terms of career predictions. It can tell you much about the career sphere, like what jobs would suit you best, which ones you would do well in, and how prosperous you may be if you follow certain points.

  • From the Janma Kundli, family, friends, and love life can also be looked into. You can again know much, in terms of how good your relationship with your family is, how compatible two people are for marriage, if friends in the future play a big part in your life, and so on.

  • The birth chart can also be broken down to understand health better. In astrology, most of the elements on the Kundli play a function while reflecting on some part of your body. You can tell if your future would look healthy, or it will be filled with ailments.

  • Academy is also one such aspect where a Kundli online can easily predict how you’ll study.

Elements in a Kundli

In the Janma Kundli, there is a vast sea of knowledge that needs to be navigated through accuracy by an expert. It will offer you heightened insight into your life and that of everything around you and can explain how things are truly connected. It will provide you with heightened insight into how harmonious your life has been and will be.

There are some elements that are vital to reading a Janma Kundli online,  these are:

  • Birthdate, exact time, and location to form the Kundli

  • Raashi or Zodiac sign

  • Bhaava or houses

  • Graha or planets

  • Nakshatras or stars

  • Placement of the sun and the moon

  • Placement of Rahu and Ketu

  • Lagna

Knowing these vital elements of the Kundli will help you attain more clarity about why your future looks the way it does. Of course, to read the Janma Kundli, way more information needs to be processed. With the help of a professional astrologer and material to teach you, you can easily decipher your Kundli and attain all the benefits.

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