How to Reduce Your Belly Fat

How to Reduce Your Belly Fat
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Who doesn’t want to look good and fit, but daily work routine or living habits are responsible for our fat like junk food, laziness, unsaturated intake, etc. If you want to look slim and reduce your belly fat then you have to take care of what you eat and when, and have to stick to your designed diet and exercise plan.

Tips / Secret for reducing Belly Fat.

1. Eat like Village Women’s

What type of food was eaten in olden days when there was no processed, packaged, sugar-laden food such as doughnuts, cereal, soda, candy, mac, and cheese, or TV dinners. Rather people used to eat just simple whole nutritious foods such as veggies, meat, fish, nuts, and seeds. To stay Fit and healthy –

  • Eat more lean protein – Lean protein sources such as chicken or fish fill you up so you tend to eat fewer calories. They also help you maintain muscle mass which is a great thing for keeping that metabolism roaring Eat lots of fresh veggies. Veggies are full of healthy antioxidants and fiber, and they are also low in calories. Be sure to stick to the produce section or visit your local farmers’ market. Frozen veggies work too in a pinch but make sure the label doesnʼt have added ingredients like butter sauce, sugars, or unpronounceable chemicals.

  • Get your fats – Eating fat will not make you fat unless you are eating way too much and the wrong kinds (a big fatty steak vs. a healthy avocado or coconut oil). Some fat is necessary and needed for our bodies to function properly. Fats also increase fat burning in the body.

  • Donʼt shy away from carbs – Just like fats, carbs are a necessary part of our diet and an important form of energy for the body and the brain. Itʼs important to get quality carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice, or fruit rather than eating sugary foods or processed foods and eat small quantities rather than the usual supersized quantities most people eat

2. It’s ok to be unhealthy sometimes

Eating healthy shouldnʼt be a short-term unrealistic diet that youʼll never stick to.  Yes, it may be tough initially but in the long run, it gives you the energy your body needs, and as you adopt you wonʼt crave the unhealthy foods so much. Eating healthy should be a long-term lifestyle so not only will you get the unwanted weight off but youʼll also keep it off and be a whole lot healthier.

Itʼs important to get the chance to eat those foods we love each week such as chocolate, pizza, or French fries. Your goal should be to eat healthy 85% of the time and the other 15 % of the time itʼs ok to eat not so healthy. So a cheat meal or two as well as small not so healthy snack here or there will help you keep your sanity and allow you to stick to a lifestyle of healthy eating.

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3. Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating first thing in the morning is not the fastest way to blast belly fat. Research does not support the common beliefs that itʼs necessary to eat 6 small meals a day or that eating first thing when you get up will ramp up our metabolism.

In reality, we are actually eating too much too often which is causing our bodies to store fat, not release it. Instead of having a long break from eating can work in our favor. Intermittent fasting causes you to increase fat burning in the body, which will ultimately burn off that belly fat.  Fasting allows your body to release toxins, generate more energy, and regulate blood sugar so you are healthier and feel better.

So instead of eating the first thing when you get it up, wait approximately 14-16 hours after your last meal. So say you ate dinner at 7 pm, then wait until 9 or 11 am to eat breakfast the next day.

This also means NO snacking late at night! Youʼll spends a good amount of time during that sleeping so it wonʼt be too torturous, and after doing it for awhile youʼll get used to it.

4. Workout at high gear

Everybody is super busy every day so gets very little time for the gym. Well good news, actually spending LESS time working out can have a bigger impact on your bodyʼs fat-burning ability. Crazy, I know. But by working HARDER for less time you can actually burn MORE calories and burn more fat during your workouts and after as well.

First of all, you are working harder and expending more energy so by working out twice as hard you can work out half as long to get the same calorie burn.

Secondly, this wonderful new discovery called EPOC (exercise post-exercise oxygen consumption) kicks in and causes your body to burn fat even after your workout is over, BUT this is only the case when you work really hard. So to sum it up by working out harder you can burn more calories and more belly fat during and after your workout.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep may not seem that important to blasting belly fat but getting enough sleep can actually have a huge impact on your weight loss goals. Research has shown that individuals with less sleep are more likely to be obese than those who get a full night’s sleep and this is largely due to hormones. When we donʼt get enough sleep, hormones that control our eating habits and metabolism get out of whack.

 So be sure to get your 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

6. Drink enough water and be hydrated

Check how much water do you drink every day Most people do not get enough water on a daily basis. It could be because of weʼre too busy gulping down sodas or just because we donʼt make the effort to drink the water that we should. However, staying hydrated is an important part of avoiding overeating and maintaining a slim waist. Why?

• Sometimes, hunger can actually be a sign of dehydration. Oftentimes when you feel hungry you may just be thirsty, so if youʼre mistaking dehydration for hunger, you may be overeating. So next time you feel hungry try drinking a glass of water first and be sure you are getting enough throughout the day.

• By replacing water with your calorie-laden juices and sodas youʼll cut your daily calories and thus start dropping unwanted pounds.

• When your body doesnʼt have enough water it tends to see this as a threat and instinctively will hold onto every last drop. This is what creates bloating. So by drinking enough water, you can allow your body to let go of excess water and debloat thus reducing the size of your belly.

So make sure youʼre getting at least 8-10 eight oz glasses of water per day.

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