Tips for Shopping a Dress

Tips for Shopping a Dress
Tips for Shopping

Do you feel confused and lost when you have to buy a special dress for a special occasion. Well, don’t worry, with a little help and a plan, you can find the perfect dress for your next occasion. Follow the six simple steps and buy yourself the best dress:

To begin your search for the perfect dress first you have to know what the occasion is. Well, that’s easy but sometimes this easy thing causes a great deal of confusion (short dress or long, black dress or colored?) Therefore we will follow the rule of dressing which never fails. If the event is later in the day (after 6 p.m.), short dresses are trendy. Long dresses are usually reserved only for formal occasions. While some fabrics are favorite all through the year — silk, brocade, organza, jersey — fabrics like velvet and gold spangles are best reserved for winter wear.

Dress to compliment your figure

The most important feature of your new dress — more important than its trendiness, designer, or color — is how well it flatters you. Dressing to flatter your figure is as much about playing up your best features as it is about hiding what’s not perfect. Not every dress silhouette will work for your body so you’ll need to do some quick research on your specific needs. Remember that darker colors and simple cuts (a sheath, an A-line) are the most flattering.

The best way to look special is to show off your best feature. If you have gorgeous eyes, then play them up with beautiful makeup, off-the-face hair, and jeweled earrings in a complementary shade. If your legs are spectacular, then show them off with a short, fitted dress and stilettos.

Choose a color

You could just wear black and accessorize, but why not explore some other options? Red, bold prints, even gold are dramatic enough for evening wear. Pastels, mid-range
brights and soft prints look great for day occasions. Never wear white to a wedding.

Pick a style

Once you know what the occasion is, you have to decide on what type of dress you need. Do some research, search on the internet and magazines, and try to find a dress that reflects classic, timeless elegance.

Go get it

Once you have decided on the dress, it’s time to shop. You should definitely set a budget before shopping because it’s easy to fall in love with an expensive dress and then try to justify buying it. Take your time, go to different shops, compare prices, and buy the dress that works in your price range. If you shop in a store, dress for the day by bringing along heels, any special accessories you know you want to use, and a strapless bra (just in case). When shopping online, make sure you understand both the sizing (know your measurements and check against a size chart on the site) and the return policy.


Accessorizing is very important because it gives the final touches to dressing up. Wear jewelry that will suit your hairstyle and dress. Although you may want to add tons of glitz, remember that you can kill a look with too much matchy-matchy accessorizing. Find earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that complement each other without being a matching set. Sparkly brooches, flowers, and hairpins are all great ways to add special dazzle, too. Your bag should be large enough to fit lipstick, tissue, phone, and keys.

Online shopping sites in India

Online shopping is growing rapidly in India. It’s a great way to stay indoors and search among all brands in one click. there is a huge variety of sites offering online shopping like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Craftsvilla. Recently Flipkart acquired Myntra and Jabong. So you got a long list of websites offering huge discounts and a range to choose from.

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