How to organize a Kids Birthday Party by age

How to organize a Kids Birthday Party by age

Celebrate your kid’s Birthday party according to the age. The age of the child will determine the party theme, games, birthday activities, and many things you need to know for planning a birthday party. For example, a bowling party will be a hit for six and above kids but it won’t work for kids of 1 to 2 years old. So make a plan after taking into account your child’s age to make it a successful party.

1st Birthday

Kids first birthday

A Baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone and celebrating the love of your life is the best feeling ever! When kids are small it becomes difficult to handle them and party as they throw tantrums and everything becomes too complicated to handle. It is crucial to plan things so that the party goes smoothly without any hiccups.

So let us see things we should plan for the kid’s first birthday party. The first thing to decide is the venue of the party, set a budget, and create a guest list. Party can be hosted at home, in a park, or some outside Birthday party venue. As your child is only one year old so he won’t be having any real friends to call, it’s on you to decide whom to call. Keep in mind the guest will be both children and parents.

The theme of the party should be related to your kids and should be child-friendly, but remember there will be parents too so everything should be well. Food must be both for parents and children, every gust must be well fed in the party. Entertainment at the party is like the cherry on the cake. So make sure guests have fun and enjoyment, you can even have a play area for toddlers where adults can have their time with kids free, while kids have their fun.

Take plenty of pictures of your child as its first birthday is the best memory of a lifetime. Try to keep the party short and should accommodate the nap schedules of the child. It’s the first milestone of your child’s life so celebrate it grandly by planning everything so that the party is a big success.

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2nd Birthday

Kids second birthday

Now the child turns two and is mobile and active so you can arrange the party outside in a park or play area as they get more space to have fun. The guest list can be the same as 1st birthday guest with close family and friends. Choose a theme that is liked by your child as he/she may have developed a liking by now eg. Superman or Barbie.

When it comes to a toddler’s birthday party, parents should keep the food simple, healthy, and easily accessible to children, it should be what your child can eat themselves and also take care of adults. Be sure to find out if any kids attending have food allergies, so you have options available for them, as well. For entertainment, you can choose a few games like sand, clay, or water activities or hire a party entertainer who will keep the kids engaged and entertained. Outdoor activities for kids will be the best as they love making a mess.

3rd Birthday

Kids third birthday

By the time your child is three years old, there will be a list of his/her friends with whom they would like to celebrate their birthday. Now they have started understanding parties and gifts with their names on them. Preschoolers like familiar foods, and they base eating decisions on how things look and smell. For the party menu, stick to foods young children typically like and downsize the portions. Pizza is a party staple, but you can try a different variation with fruits and cupcakes.

Popular three-year-old party themes usually revolve around bugs, pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, mermaids, unicorns, fire trucks, tea parties, and superheroes. Sponge painting, a scavenger hunt, an obstacle course, and bubble-making are simple backyard activities kids love and are best to arrange for a three-year-old birthday. Planning and hosting a party for your soon-to-be 3-year-old should be fun and stress-free. Keep in mind a 3-year-olds don’t need much besides each other, cake, shiny things to wave about, and the chance to run free.

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4th Birthday

Kids fourth birthday

Most children don’t start to enjoy a birthday party until they are also old enough to enjoy having friends over, say around the age of 4. Preschoolers have a lot of energy, they love to play and have fun, and they have a list of friends whom they want to invite. There is no need to go overboard, and that begins with the number of people on the guest list. And remember, given that this age is still a bit early for kids to be dropped off at your home, you’ll need to account for parents and caregivers attending as well.

Choose a theme that is liked by the child the theme also dictates the decorations, food, and party favors. Choose something fun and relatively simple that you know kids will enjoy. Theme can be like Superheroes, Craft party, Favorite character show, Art party. Whatever theme you choose must be liked by the birthday child as it is his/her day. After all, at 4, kids love having their time in the spotlight and throwing a party that fits their tastes and personality will make them feel extra special on their big day.

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5th Birthday

Kids fifth birthday

Your child is turning five and it is a big time to celebrate. Five-year-olds are little bundles of energy and they need a party with extra games and space to play. Along with games and fun, good food is also needed to make the party special. Add on some amazing food delicacies like mini pizzas and fresh fruit juices to spice up the party. You can hold an art-craft party, puppet party, wheels party, Firefighter party, Space party, or Pirate party. Most fives have the small motor skills necessary to use scissors and string beads so they’re now ready for crafts that involve more than simple finger painting.

Your child’s fifth birthday party can be impressive and entertaining when you plan some fun themes for the event. Whether the gorgeous princess theme for girls or the rocking superhero theme for boys, these themes can be a party game-changer. All you need to ensure is you can meet your little one’s expectations.

6-8th Birthday

Kids birthday

As your child grows up he understands the need for parties and get-togethers. They’re old enough to enjoy most organized games and have a well-developed sense of fairness. By now your child would be aware of their likes and dislikes. They will now have their ideas about their parties. Kids this age like secrets and mysteries, so consider games with clues and puzzles. Some kids at this age are fussy eaters, so you can take more chances with your menu.

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