How To Celebrate Kids Birthday At Home

How To Celebrate Kids Birthday At Home

Birthdays are special and much more for a child. What is your fondest childhood memory? Most people would say their happiest moments would be during their birthdays. There’s no denying that these celebrations are fundamental parts of our lives. Birthday celebrations are special for everybody and especially for kids.

We always think that celebrations are for adults and kids won’t remember and understand them yet. But your child is benefitting from celebration more than you know. When you celebrate your child’s birthday he is the center of attention that day. It celebrates them as much as it celebrates the day they were born. By celebrating them, your child would feel important and loved. You might not know it yet, but celebrating your child’s birthdays could help with their personal development.

When you celebrate your kid’s birthday it shows them that simply being there, simply being alive is worth celebrating. Children often think about what makes them happy, and reminders that you love them will surely make them a lot happier. In their earlier years, your child wouldn’t remember any exact details of their memories. They won’t be able to recall most of what happened then when they grow up. But they will remember how it made them feel. Filling your child’s early years in the world with happiness will surely help them become better people as they grow.

Birthday celebrations only happen once a year, but they will have many positive effects on your child. It was the perfect time to put on our creative hats and think of the many possible ways to still make it special.

Make them feel like royalty for the day

Birthday Tiara

Let your child feel like one of the royals on this day because this is the one day a year that you can wear a crown without judgment. They deserve self-love, self-respect and self-confidence so let them feel having all for the day.

Let the Birthday Child take the Lead

Let the birthday child take the lead for the day you can also call them “boss for the day”. Let them choose everything they want for the day and let them break a couple of rules that day.

Birthday Letter

Write a Birthday letter to your child, wrap up the year and say how you have seen them growing and how special they are to you.

Leave presents while they are sleeping

When it’s time for the birthday kid to rise and shine, place a birthday gift next to their bed so that they wake up to a birthday spirit.

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday food

Let your birthday babe choose a special birthday breakfast that you make. The sky’s the limit! You can serve the meal on a special birthday plate, add table decorations, and don’t forget the birthday candles!

Decorate Your Front Yard

Lawn Birthday decoration

Make a ginormous birthday sign for your front lawn or apartment window, or chalk the driveway with a birthday message.

Decorations All Over the House

Decorate your home

Make huge poster board signs (or use cardboard boxes), banners, streamers, balloons, or whatever you have on hand that’s festive. Leave everything up for a couple of days to keep the party going.

Birthday Balloon Banner

There is something cheery and magical about balloons on birthdays, it makes the environment buss with celebration. Hang balloons wherever possible, in the bedroom, on the ceiling, stairs, bathroom, kitchen, and even inside your car.

Throw them a Birthday Party

A birthday party doesn’t have to be a huge affair. But at this young age, any other children of your baby’s age will come with an accompanying adult. You could plan one structured fun activity and then let the children have free play. Kids don’t need a party every year. In the “non-party” years, we do a small celebration with family and maybe invite one other family over.

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Family Field Day

Family fun

Take the fun outdoors for a family field day with yard games. If the weather cooperates, end the day with an epic water balloon fight.

Take a Day Trip

Go out to the neighboring city for the day to change the family atmosphere. Changing up your scenery for the day and making a trip out of it will make your child feel special because this family-friendly day trip is all about him or her.

Go Camping

Pack up a few stuff and go camping with the family. The time your family spends without the tablets and phones is the quality time you can’t put a price on. You’ll spend your weekend playing board games, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, and enjoying the great outdoors together.


Kids sleepover

Sleepover is the best simple and memorable time for kids. They can play games, tell stories, watch a movie and can sleep in your home later, or go home to sleep.

Take in a Movie

Keep an eye out for kid-friendly movies coming out at the theater or new to stream or download. That way, you can take in a movie for birthday. With some snacks and popcorn, your home movie night will become a memorable event.

Play at the Amusement Park

A birthday will be one big thrill ride if you take your son or daughter to an amusement park. Many parks have perks you can buy in advance to save money, such as discount food, parking, and ticket packages.

Go, Bowling

The bowling alley is a great place to take your child on his or her birthday, as the whole family can have fun together on a special day.

Volunteer or Donate

Spend an hour or so of the special day contributing to the community. Look into local opportunities with community gardens, the society, hospitals, and retirement homes.

Host a Fancy Dinner at Home

Some of the best birthday memories are made with your family around the dinner table. Serve up a fancy dinner with a special beverage. Invite relatives that are an important part of your child’s life. This is a great way to make memories with family and a lovely birthday tradition to begin.

Spa Day

Even the youngest of ladies enjoy a spa day now and then. If you have a daughter celebrating a birthday, she’ll love having a spa day with you to celebrate her big day. Make sure the spa knows you’ll be bringing in a child and her age in a case that particular spa has a rule about minors.

Keep it simple

The bottom line is to keep everything simple and what matters is that you all are together. Turn off the electronics, gather around the table for dinner, sing “Happy Birthday”, and gift a homemade card or present.

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