Alternatives to Birthday Parties

Alternatives to Birthday Parties

Birthdays are an exciting time for children. All parents have the same goal of giving the best things to their children, especially during special occasions such as birthdays. As a parent, you want to make your kid’s birthday extra special, and you know there’s nothing more that can make your child happy than having a birthday party. But having a Birthday party every year seems impossible and is not the only thing that can make your child happy. You can still make your child’s birthday memorable without throwing a party.

Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday. However, it is not the only option. You can do several things to celebrate your child’s birthday decently with no parties. Stepping away from parties could be the very thing your family needs to refocus attention on what matters most that day: Your Child. Here are some of the ideas to celebrate a Birthday in a meaningful way.

Celebrate the day in the park or beach

Go outdoor with family

Go for a picnic at a park or a beach on your child’s birthday and let him/her have full fun for the day. It sounds so simple, but kids thrive outdoor and a whole day spent in the sunshine will feel like such a treat.

Have a special birthday meal

Eating outside is a good time for everyone, especially if your birthday kid gets to direct the show. Let them choose the restaurant and whatever they want on the menu. Go ahead and get dessert, too! Just keep yourself focused on the king/queen for the day.

Go for a birthday vacation

Going for a vacation on a child’s birthday is a treat for not only the birthday child but the whole family. Going outside away from home is a good time for family bonding, as long as you make sure there is a slice of cake along the way, your birthday kid will feel special too.

Volunteer on your birthday


Celebrate your birthday by sharing it with those who may not be celebrated otherwise! Encourage your child to give a birthday party to a child in need!

Aside from giving back to the community you live in and love, there are many other benefits to serving your community. You can find any type of community service or volunteer project nearby which match your child’s interests.

Make it a day full of surprises

You can plan the whole day with a lot of surprises for the child. You know what your child wants and will love to have so be ready to surprise him/her with the lovely moments the whole day.

Plan an event

Plan to hold an event on the child’s birthday, or take the child to nearby events held like a sporting event, concert, play, theater anything that your child will love to do or see. Maybe your child’s birthday coincides with the county fair or an annual festival.

Go Camping

Camping on Birthday

Whether you’re sleeping under the stars in your backyard or heading to the mountains, this is a great way to celebrate another year older. Celebrating with family on a campsite will be fun along with some peace.

Go to an amusement park

Children love going to an amusement park and what can be a better way of spending your birthday than visiting an amusement park. Great food and awesome rides equal a fun birthday!

Plan a sleepover

Kids sleepover

Sleepover with child friends can be super fun. You can create your own decoration for their room and provide them with the food they will love to eat.

Plan an ‘All About Me’ day

Make the whole day dedicated to your child – breakfast in bed, their favorite food, shopping, sightseeing, or whatever they wish to do. They can choose the activities, meals, and movies to make it even more customized. The most important thing is to give undivided attention and you make the day all about them!

Make it meaningful

Make it a meaningful day by having some serious thoughts. Have your child reflect on their last year: What were they most proud of? What were their successes? What friends did they make? What did they accomplish? Ask them to think about what they wish for the next year: What do they want to achieve/get better at/explore?

The most important thing is to make them understand the importance of celebrating a year of life by not holding lavish parties, but by being together with those who love them. Remember, birthdays are about celebrating and creating great memories. You don’t have to have a huge birthday party to do that. They will understand the importance of family, gathering, and socializing that will help them to grow into a responsible individual.

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