Happy Birthday America | America Independence Day (July 4th )

Happy Birthday America | America Independence Day (July 4th )

July 4th is a national holiday in America it is America Independence Day, which marks the independence of America from Great Britain in 1776. On this day the original thirteen colonies gained independence from Britain and became individual, free states. From that day on, July fourth has been celebrated as the birth of American independence.

Being a national holiday in America on 4th July is no less than Diwali of India. It is celebrated with a family gathering, a barbecue gathering with a lot of quintessential American food, and lots of fireworks.

If you happen to be in America on 4th July then you will experience the celebratory gestures by people on this day. It’s a great time for parades, hosting cookouts, hanging out with family, and hitting the beach or enjoying fireworks. Also, a great time to shop as almost all stores gives amazing sales from home decor to clothes, a perfect summertime upgrade.

5 things you might not know about Americas Independence Day

1. Declaration of Independent America was not signed on July 4, 1776, it was but it on second July 1776 when the Continental Congress voted of declaring themselves independent of British rule. It was on July 4 when the document appeared officially.

Declaration of Independence was adopted before slavery was abolished hence it was believed that the Declaration of Independence was only for white men and not for black men it was only in 1865 when a promising note was signed stating “all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights”.

2. After hearing the news of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 people celebrated the day bit more like what it is celebrated today. You can feel the patriotic fever almost everywhere, which later becomes a tradition that was followed every year.

3. The first official national celebration of America’s independence was held in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777, and Massachusetts was the first state to recognize it as a federal holiday with New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

4. America’s Oldest Fourth of July Celebration was held in the town of Bristol, Rhode Island which was Eighty-five years before Independence Day.

5. At the first national Independence Day Celebration in Philly in 1777, 13 cannons were fired, one round for each state of the union, bells were rung, and fireworks were set off, and till today American towns burn from $8000 to $15,000 of firework on Fourth of July.

Here are some of the traditional food and delicacies that people enjoy on this day.

Barbecue – Fourth of July means get-together and hosting barbecues. It has become of tradition among all the parties of the Fourth of July to have a Barbecue.

Burgers – Burger is something you can’t get bored of and can enjoy especially at parties and gatherings.

Hot Dogs – Hot dogs are the American’s favorite to the consumer on the Fourth of July. There is a tradition of a hot-dog-eating contest held at Coney Island’s hot dog haven.

Pie – An American party is not complete without a pie and apple pie comes as a favorite for all.

Fried Chicken – The love of chicken especially barbecuing chicken is top on the menu during the fourth of July celebration.

Cake – No 4th July party is complete without dessert. specifically cakes and cupcakes of patriotic theme. The cake adds an extra festive with a sparkle of fireworks.

Macaroni Cheese – Macaroni and Cheese is a perfect side dish to add to the menu of the festive.

Barbecued Corn – The classic Fourth of July barbecue is not complete without perfect food and grilled corn just makes the party more festive.

Lemonade – A summer chiller is a must in any 4th July celebration.

Beer – Maximum beer is sold on Fourth July than any other holiday around the year.

Happy America Independence Day!

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