Cheti Chand & Jhulelal Jayanti – Wishes, Quotes and Message

Cheti Chand & Jhulelal Jayanti – Wishes, Quotes and Message

Cheti Chand is New Year for Sindhi Hindus and marks the birthday of Lord Jhulelal. It is observed on the 2nd day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha, as per Indian tradition. It is the day when the New Moon becomes visible after no moon day. Due to the first appearance of the moon during the Cheti month, this day is known as Cheti Chand.

The Sindhi community celebrates the festival of Cheti Chand in honor of the birth of Ishtadeva Uderolal, popularly known as Jhulelal, the Patron Saint of the Sindhis. On this day worship of Sindhi diety Jhulelal Sahib is made and procession of Bahrano Sahib is taken out with Traditional Sindhi folk music and Dance. This day is considered highly auspicious and is celebrated with much fanfare. The water which is the elixir of life is worshipped on this day.

After observing 40 days of penance called Chaliho Sahab, Sindhis celebrate Cheti Chand as a day of thanksgiving. During Chahilo Sahab faithful offer prayers to the water god by giving up luxuries like using soap or oil for a bath, not wearing new clothes, eating simple food and singing prayer hymns and songs in their god’s praise. Cheti Chand marks the end of Chahilo and the day of celebrations.

Jhulelal Jayanti is considered to the most auspicious festival of Sindhi is people and is celebrated with great joy and zeal. Jhulelal continues to be the unifying force and the centre of all cultural activities of the Sindhi community. The word Sindhi is derived from the River Sindhu (now River Indus in Pakistan). If you are looking for some wishes and quotes for this festival then you are in the right place, scroll our page to get updated for this festival and you will get wishes and images to share with your near and dear ones.

Cheti Chand Card 1

  • Wishing you a very warm and Happy Cheti Chand full of celebrations and happiness and some lovely memories with your dear ones.

  • May the glory of Jhulelal bring along peace, harmony and lots of smiles in your life…. Wishing you a blessed Cheti Chand.

  • As another new year comes, I wish that your life shines bright with goodness and positivity…. Best wishes on Cheti Chand to you.

Cheti Chand Card 2

  • On this auspicious occasion, I wish that Jhulelal is always there in your life guiding you towards your goals and imparting you strength to achieve them.

  • Blessings of Jhulelal, love of your family and friends, success in your life are what I wish for you on the festive occasion of Cheti Chand 2022

  • May this Cheti Chand bring you new spirit
    new beginning and new prosperity
    Wishing you Happy Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand Card 3

  • Wish you a Happy Cheti Chand with
    love, peace, hope and joy for the year ahead

  • Hope the new year has all the happiness and laughter.
    Happy Cheti Chand.

  • This Jhulelal Jayanti, let us hope for a bright, peaceful, joyous and healthy future. Happy Jhulelal Jayanti and Cheti Chand.

Happy Jhulelal Jayanti

  • The occasion of Cheti Chand reminds us to forget the bad things in the past and embrace the goodness of another new year for a bright and happy year.

  • May the divine power of Jhulelal be helpful to your family and to your dear ones in this new start of this new year. Happy Cheti Chand.

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