Celebrate Diwali with Instant Banoffee Ladoo

Celebrate Diwali with Instant Banoffee Ladoo

The festival of Diwali is incomplete without ladoos. They are the staples of sweets when it comes to Indian festivals or any other occasion. Not to forget the vast range of this sweet, it can be made with so many variations using different ingredients. Some of the common laddoos are made using ingredients such as coconut, besan, mawa, boondi, rava, dry fruits, ragi, malai, and so many others.

So, let’s do something different this Diwali. This is why we bring to you the recipe of Banoffee ladoo. Also known as caramel Banoffee ladoo, this is similar to English dessert Banoffee pie made using biscuits, caramel, and cream. This super easy recipe does not even require much time. This Banoffee ladoo for Diwali is not limited to any special occasion and can easily be prepared literally whenever you want. Here is how you can prepare this sweet at home easily.

How to make Banoffee Ladoo?

There are a variety of ways to make Banoffee ladoos. To make it simpler than other recipes, we are hereby adding Nestlé MILKMAID to it. With Nestlé MILKMAID, Banoffee ladoo recipe takes only ten minutes to get prepared and the cooking time is around 70 minutes. Here is the list of ingredients and stepwise direction of how you can make this ladoo recipe quickly-


Only three ingredients need to be used for the Banoffee ladoo that are given as follows-

  • 1 tin of Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 250 grams of low sugar biscuits, roughly powdered
  • ½ tsp Vanilla essence

Following are the detailed steps of the recipe-

Step 1- Take a small pressure cooker and place the Nestlé MILKMAID tin in it. Start pouring water in the cooker till it meets 3/4th height of the tin. Cook the same on a high flame until the first whistle. After the first whistle, cook the same thing for an hour on a low flame. Switch off the flame and let the pressure cooker cool down completely before opening its cover.

Step 2- After opening the lid, you will find out the texture of the Nestlé MILKMAID is thick and golden caramel color. Transfer the content to a bowl.

Step 3- Put away half of your roughly powdered biscuits for the purpose of coating.

Step 4- Take the remaining powdered biscuits and mix them well with the caramelized Nestlé MILKMAID as well as Vanilla essence.

Step 5- Prepare a smooth dough out of the mixture.

Step 6- Shape the laddoos of whatever size you want and coat them with powdered biscuits. Serve and enjoy.


The Banoffee ladoo recipe is not only easy to prepare but also does not demand much effort. You can even use various toppings for your ladoos such as sauce, caramel, nuts, etc., and make it more delicious. Make sure that the biscuits are crushed properly since they play a significant role and bring out consistency. Experiment with the choice of your sweets this Diwali and enjoy with your loved ones.

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