10 tips to make your Turkey trip hassle-free and memorable

10 tips to make your Turkey trip hassle-free and memorable

Around 66 lakh tourists across the globe visited Turkey last year. This rise in demand is because travelling to Turkey is safe, hassle-free, and relatively affordable compared to other international locations.

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However, choosing the right places to visit, obtaining a visa, and obtaining international travel insurance can be challenging for some travellers, especially beginners. Nevertheless, individuals can follow the below-mentioned guide on some valuable tips to make a memorable trip to Turkey.

Tips to make your Turkey trip memorable

Travellers can face several issues during a trip to this country if they do not make a proper plan beforehand. Complete planning ensures a hassle-free and seamless trip in terms of finances and experience.
However, one can follow some well-researched useful tips mentioned below and have an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Choose the places you want to visit

To visit the most unique places in Turkey, one needs thorough research. Ideally, travellers should make a checklist of the most attractive tourist spots. Further, it is essential to consider one’s preferences before jotting down the places to visit.

Although there are several destinations to cover in Turkey, a traveller would not want to miss some of the popular ones:

● Dolmabahce Palace
● Kaleici
● Kemeralti Market
● Kleopatra Beach
● Saklikent Milli Parki
● Marmaris Marina
● Castle of St. Peter
● Hagia Sophia Mosque

  1. Know the best time to visit Turkey

The ideal time to visit Turkey is from early April until May. During this period, the temperatures are pleasant, and travel enthusiasts can find blooms everywhere. However, temperatures rise substantially from June till August, making it inconvenient for travellers.

The complete off-season starts from November and stays till March because of the cold weather. Therefore, another ideal time for a Turkey trip is the fall season, September and October. Around this time, the temperatures are mild.

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  1. Check reviews

First-time travellers can consider going through online reviews to understand better the places to visit. These reviews help in choosing the top-notch destinations as per a traveller’s preference and help in avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Similarly, one can read through the online reviews for hotel bookings and other activities to do in Turkey.

  1. Plan a budget and itinerary

International trips require adequate funds for a seamless journey. Although Turkey is a budget-friendly place to visit, proper budget planning will eliminate the risk of a funds shortage.

Based on the things travellers want to do, they can fix a budget and include some extra cash for emergencies. Additionally, they can set an itinerary as per their budget and plan a perfect trip to Turkey.

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  1. Know the travel routes

Knowing the travel routes around Turkey for a hassle-free journey is vital. Public transits in Turkey are quite efficient. Thus, it is fairly easy to travel from one city to another. However, taking a cab ride in Turkey is relatively tricky if travellers have no prior knowledge of a few Turkish words.

Individuals should also check flight routes while planning a Turkey trip. Ideally, it is practical to book cheaper flights.

  1. Get travel insurance

To curtail financial liabilities during unfortunate events like baggage loss, theft, etc., one should obtain a travel insurance plan from a reputed insurer. Such a plan covers additional expenses related to travel and offers reimbursements.

For international trips like Turkey, travellers must get maximum coverage under their international insurance plan. As a result, they can expect convenience throughout their journeys.

  1. Know the COVID guidelines

Knowing about the COVID-19 protocols will help travellers avoid unwanted hassles. They should get proper vaccinations and carry the vaccination certificate while travelling. Additionally, passengers reaching Turkey might be checked for COVID-19 symptoms and may be asked to get an RT-PCR test.
For additional protection, one should wear masks and maintain social distancing all the time.

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  1. Know the health advisories in place

Besides the COVID-19 vaccination, travellers must get other vaccinations per the health advisories. Some include diphtheria, hepatitis A, polio, typhoid, and tetanus. Additionally, one should carry proper medications while travelling to Turkey and avoid health emergencies as much as possible.

  1. Go for an appropriate accommodation

Individuals can choose an affordable hotel or a luxurious one in Turkey based on the travel budget. Ideally, one should book apartments to stay just like locals. These are an excellent value for money and enable travellers to have an inexpensive experience in Turkey.

  1. Get a visa

Diplomatic passport holders from India do not require a visa to enter Turkey for up to 90 days. However, travellers need to get a Turkey visa from India for an extended journey.

One can obtain a visa online or visit the embassy for a hassle-free application. Additionally, travellers must furnish a few documents and attend visa interviews. Ideally, one should complete the visa process early to avoid last-minute delays.

To conclude, individuals can make a successful trip to Turkey by following the aforementioned steps efficiently. This ultimate guide will help them travel conveniently with minimum risks.

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