5 Main Rules of Perfect College Essay

5 Main Rules of Perfect College Essay

Writing a college essay seems relatively straightforward: listing your dreams, goals, qualifications, and experience. However, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. First of all, what exactly is a college essay? More often than not, that signifies a personal statement of purpose. It’s probably the part of your college application you need the most time for.

Take it from a different perspective; you spend days and days compiling certificates and qualifications from previous education, internships, and activities. College essays are a chance for you to shine through and portray your desires and things you can bring forward to the college you’re applying to. However, writing one and perfecting it are entirely different objectives. Below is how you can write the ultimate college essay.

Rule #1: Perfect the Structure

While numerous college essay examples do take the narrative route, the montage structure simply has more spark to it. But one asks, how to write a college essay using such a technique? Well, the most straightforward explanation is you’re going to use themes instead of chronologically ordered events to write your college application essay. However, you require an essay fixer to ensure your piece is top-notch and free of plagiarism. To learn how to write an essay, find a way to connect 3-5 different significant events in your life and write a paragraph on each.

Rule #2: Avoid Common Topics (Unless Necessary)

Taking the incredibly complex route and talking about something no one has ever done before is always a fantastic option. However, what about all the other common issues students address? For instance, essays on sports, internships, extracurriculars, illnesses, and academic struggles. Generally, it’s a good idea to stir away from such topics unless they make you shine through. For instance, if you’re one of the best football players in your district, that’s something worth mentioning. If you’ve received a reward for your outstanding grades, put it in there too.

Rule #3: Illustrate Your Thoughts

Not only do life experiences change your personality, but colleges want to know-how. For instance, talking excessively about your grades won’t do any good. However, listing your internship experience as a student and simply mentioning “I’ve learned…” won’t do much for your essay. Instead, describe how it changes your perspective and approach to various aspects of your life. Colleges want to enroll students who are self-aware and can make positive changes on their campus. Hence, simply write about things your life experiences taught you and how you chose to move on through them.

Rule #4: Shine Through

College admission rates have fallen to 3.19% in the year 2022. While that’s an alarming decrease, it only means that the competition is getting tougher. While that might sound intimidating, there is a way out of it. Throughout your college application, make sure you talk about your passion. However, avoid making up something you’re interested in, as most can see right through that.

Focus more on aspects that genuinely make you want to apply to the department you’re going for. All in all, don’t make your passion redundant. Moreover, don’t make it the center of your essay. While it’s a vital part, it doesn’t construct your whole essay.

Rule #5: Ask for Help

If you have a counselor or an advisor from your high school, consider reaching out. Your supervisor might have more intel on the subject, no matter how great you believe your college essay is. Hence, reach out to someone you do trust and consider a trustworthy person. You can even ask a professor or a teacher to review your essay.

Ask for complete transparency and honesty, and make sure you’re open to criticism, as it’s all constructive. While that might sound intimidating, asking for help is always the solution when you’re in doubt. Plus, your advisor would simply want the best for you.

Bottom Line

All in all, writing your college essay will get a little messy. However, don’t let that deter you from the primary purpose. You’re writing a paper that has the potential to change the course of your life, so make sure you put your all into it.

While it might seem incredibly challenging now, an excellent recommendation is to start with an outline. First of all, write down all the accomplishments and unique experiences you’ve been through. Include any quotes that have driven you or kept you motivated. Then, pick up your favorite parts and include them in your personal statement. Most importantly, ensure your essay is coherent and all connected to one another.

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