10 tips of Chanakya that can change your life!

10 tips of Chanakya that can change your life!

Chanakya has been such a great scholar of our country, whose stated things are as relevant today as they were in his time. He was a great personality who changed the course of Indian history on the strength of his scholarship, intelligence, and ability. It was Chanakya who, through his diplomacy, made ordinary Chandragupta the king of Magadha. Chanakya wrote a book called “Chanakya Niti” or “Chanakya Niti Shastra“. In which such things have been told which can give a meaningful turn to our life.

Chanakya Niti” is a wonderful collection of the policies of Chanakya, which is as relevant today as it was two thousand four hundred years ago when it was written. It speaks about the various ideologies preached by him in those times, which are relevant even in the present times. It’s referred by people to learn about the vices one should avoid to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

It tells us the right way to live life. What do we have to do in our lives and what not to? Their very good description is found in Chanakya Niti. The 10 things mentioned by Chanakya, we are sharing with you here today, can bring a big change in your life.

1. Never argue a fool:

Chanakya says that we should never dispute with foolish people. Stupid people do not have any sense at all, if you dispute with them then the loss will be yours. If you argue with such people, your respect will be reduced. Such people can make you mentally weak. If you want to avoid controversy with stupid people, then keep quiet and use your discretion. Therefore, never dispute a fool.

2. Do not tell your weakness to anyone:

Most of the people expose their weaknesses to their close relatives, which they later find very expensive. When you are born, you are alone. Your worldly relationships begin as soon as you are born. Over time you get engrossed in many deep relationships. In such a situation, we tell our weaknesses in these relationships.

Which later other people also come to know. Which is not good for our personal life. Every person has some weaknesses. In such a situation, never tell your weakness to anyone. Whether it is your friend or your wife. Avoid this to honor your soul.

3. One of your faults can destroy all your qualities:

Many such examples are seen in life when people, despite having happiness, convenience, and wealth, commit such a mistake, which makes their heaven-like life become hell. What causes this – due to one of our faults. Even if you have many qualities. You have good behavior, you are kind, you are a social worker or you are rich.

We have great respect in our society. But if there is even a small flaw in you, then it will ruin your life. Defects such as – intoxication, profanity, boasting, or gambling. Therefore look into yourself and see if there is any defect in you. If there is, then discard it. Otherwise, all the respect created by your hard work will be mixed with the soil in an instant.

4. Spend money wisely:

You must have heard this sentence that “Wealth is life,” without wealth, we are all poor. It is absolutely a matter of address. There is no respect without wealth or prosperity. Money plays a special role in our life. There are many people who misuse this wealth a lot. They make money by doing hard work and sweating and then blow that money like smoke. I have seen most of the people who work as laborers throughout the day and waste their earnings by drinking liquor in the evening.

If you have to waste, then what is the use of hard work? If you have more money, then spend it with a limit. Time does not know when to turn. Remember this line of Acharya Chanakya “If Kuber also spends more than his income, he will become a pauper“. To earn money, save it and spend it only when needed.

5. Scared of slander:

Chanakya says that it is good to die than live humiliated. “Death only gives a moment of grief, but humiliation brings grief in life every day”. There should be fear of slander inside all of us. If this fear is over, then the world will be in disarray. Life’s biggest grief is to be infamous. It makes a person die every moment of life.

This happens when our soul also tells us that we are wrong and what we have done wrong. Do not do any work in life that you have to live the whole life with disrepute. Once you are notorious, then you will not be able to come back in people’s eyes like before. Therefore, before taking any major step in life, definitely think a thousand times.

6. Eliminate laziness:

Only 20% of the people in this world are those who fall into the category of success. Out of 100% of people in the world, only 20% succeed, so why don’t this 80 % of people succeed? Now you will say that this 20 % of people must have received a good upbringing or their father and grandfather will be from a good home. No, you are wrong, today there are many examples where people have touched the sky from the ground.

People have become very rich while living poor lives, the only difference between these people is laziness. 80% of people are lazy in doing something, 20% of people do the same work with a lot of heart. Therefore, if you want to make life better and happier, then forget laziness and work hard. Remember “lazy man has no present and future.

7. People we can’t trust:

You must have seen many people who become your friends easily they come and sit with you and talk with you. But when you have tried to share an important talk, that person ignored your talk without listening to it carefully, then understand that this person will definitely cheat you. Avoid trusting such people. Only tell these people what you can share with everyone.

Avoid sharing your personal or important things with such people. If you share your important things with such people, then understand that these things are no longer private to you. Such people also tell these things to others. You should forbid yourself from trusting these people.

8. Do not befriend people of more or less status than you:

Chanakya says that “Never befriend those who are of more or less prestige than you. Such a friendship will never make you happy”. If you befriend people who have less prestige than you, then you will always be in trouble. Such friends will always expect help from you and will think of taking advantage of you. If you will ever be in trouble, such friends will not be able to help you.

If you make friends with people of higher status than you, you will always compare yourself with your friend and there will be a sense of envy in you. You will always consider yourself small in front of him, which is not good for your self-esteem. If he is not able to help you in times of trouble, then you will get angry at your friendship. So keep in mind that your friendship should be at your level only.

9. Live life in the present:

Chanakya says, “We should never regret the past, nor should we worry about the future.” Wise men always live in the present”. If you want to live your life happily, live always in today’s life. You have neither past nor tomorrow in hand. The only thing you have in hand is – today. If you keep regretting what has passed, you will make yourself sad.

Yesterday spent is not going to come back after remembering. So it is futile to think about yesterday. If you think about tomorrow, then that too will make you worried. Do not spoil your today by thinking about the future. You only have the moment, so live it. Put this moment in work that will make your life better. You keep living in your today, your future will automatically be settled.

10. To be happy, stay away from attachment:

Believe it or not, most people today are not unhappy about what they eat or drink but remain unhappy due to their relationship. The person whose mind is not with him remains unhappy and the reason for this sorrow is attachment. Chanakya says “One who is highly attached to his relationship has to face fear and anxiety. The root of all suffering is attachment”.

When you have an attachment with someone, you get caught in the cycle of illusion and attachment and this is the reason for your sorrow. Chanakya’s words fit the current environment. Nowadays we get to see that the youth of today have started living in relationships. At the age of his youth, he has started living in a live-in-relationship and when there is a slight conflict or quarrel in this relationship, then he sits down with tension. He is afraid of losing his partner and in this anxiety, he is immersed in tension.

Instead of living for themselves, they get caught in the mutual attachment. If there is no attachment then he will take time for himself. Improve yourself and be successful in your career. So if you want to be happy, then think of getting out of that relationship, which you have a lot of attachment.

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